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Small Business in Mexico–SMA Walking Tours by Joseph Toone

Today’s featured business is Joseph Toone Tours run by Joseph Toone, naturally.  Not only does he provide walking tours of San Miguel de Allende, but has done extensive research on customs of the area and compiled them into several books.  He’s definitely someone to look up your next trip to SMA.

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How did you end up in Mexico?
Grace of God.  Came down ten years ago with 3 kids in HS, bought a house the first time here and moved here.  Best move ever!

Where do you live now?
San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

Have you experienced any defining moments since settling in Mexico?
Many and they all started with a grandmother in my volunteer English class asking me to be her danzon partner despite not speaking Spanish (then) or knowing how to dance. That led to my introduction to Mexican history and culture by performing at festivals. That led to writing articles which led to now being TripAdvisor’s number one private guide for my town and Amazon’s best selling author on Mexican History and Travel for a series of books called San Miguel de Allende’s Secrets.

Would you say that you changed?
Yes.  More patient and understanding of faith’s role on history and culture.  Less controlling and worried about the future.

When did you get started?
3 years ago

What prompted your business choice?
A need to express to foreigners Mexican history, faith and culture to better understand what is going on around them during their stay.

How do manage?
My kids are grown and gone so the business is just me.  Business is a bit grand of term. Tours supply the money to allow me to print books based on articles I’ve written for both local press and international publications.  I sold my high tech company providing the income for me to live off investments in Mexican companies.  I consider the tours and writing a time consuming and fun hobby explaining the indigenous and Spanish roots to modern traditions.

What do you offer?
Top rated tours and bestselling books on central Mexico.

Is your business local or are your products/services available online?
Books are for sale on Amazon but tours are local.



San Miguel de Allende Secrets: History and Culture with Virgins, Barbies and Transgender Saints


San Miguel de Allende Secrets: Easter with Plagues, Prison, Piñatas and Popsicles


San Miguel de Allende Secrets: Day of the Dead with Skeletons, Witches and Spirit Dogs


San Miguel de Allende Secrets: Christmas with St. Nick’s Nudes, Devils and Jesus’ Doppelganger

How can you be reached?
Joseph Toone Tours

Joseph Toone

Catholic SMA

History and Culture Walking Tours





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Small Business in Mexico–Pets, Plants and Porches

 Leigh, blogger at Creative Hands of Mexico, and her husband have recently begun a pet sitting/housesitting business for those near Mexico City.  Here’s what she has to say about that.  

pets plants and porches

I came here in 2003 to teach English at a technical university. Like many, I was going to go back after a couple of years but 14 years later, I’m still here. I’ve been married to my (Mexican) husband for 5 years now, with whom I began the business.

I’ve gotten a bit burned out from teaching so we began this business as an alternative source of income. We started only a few months ago, and really, we are only just beginning to figure out the market and see if this is viable. We have only a few regular clients right now. It’s a niche market.

Our business choice was prompted by two things:

1) the difficulty we have had in getting adequate care for our three cats

2) and the fact that my husband reaches retirement age soon. We need alternative sources of income. It is very common for older people to start businesses as there is age discrimination in Mexico.

We offer house and pet care services in the clients’ homes. We have targeted mainly foreigners living in and around Mexico City as we figured that without family, they would be in the most need of such services. It’s a very local business. We are limited by how far we can travel among clients.

 Our Facebook page is the best bet to contact us.

You can also contact us via WhatsApp (English) at 55 3085 7071 or Spanish 55 3511 7983.


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