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Buen Fin Mattress Shopping

New twin mattress setup!

Because Cocoa was sick all over the twin mattress and I couldn’t get it clean enough, I decided that we needed new mattresses all around. Off to the mall we went to check prices. Only, I hadn’t realized the Buen Fin (sort of like the Mexican version of Black Friday) started on November 9 this year because of the pandemic. 

I’m not sure what the rationale was for the extended shopping period, fewer people out at the same time? It didn’t seem like it was effective. Moroleon has also instituted a “night” shopping session for the calle de la ropa (clothing street) as part of the COVID-19 restrictions and again, I’m not sure how that is helpful. Does the virus not come out at night? Anyway, because I didn’t realize Buen Fin had already started, I was surprised to see the mall mobbed with people. 

We went to Dormimundo (Sleep World) first since it’s obviously a mattress place. The sales lady and I had some trouble communicating, perhaps because of our masks or maybe because I had forgotten that a twin size bed is called an individual here not a twin. Anyway, the prices she quoted even with the Buen Fin discount scared my husband. I also asked about mattress covers, but again, they seemed extraordinarily expensive.

Our next stop was Famsa which is the process of declaring bankruptcy. Just like at Dormimundo, we were the only customers there. We just had to wade through the crowds to get from one end of the mall to the other. In short order, we had a full size (matrimonial) display model for my son purchased at a reasonable price. The employees wrapped it up and loaded it onto our truck. They did not have either twin or king size mattresses that were firm enough for our liking and wouldn’t be getting anymore in because of the bankruptcy. Phooey.

The next day, being a weekday, we ventured out to Coppel. Unfortunately, it was super crowded. However, they had a mattress that was perfect and in our price range. We waited around to make the purchase online, since they didn’t have it right there at the store. Disappointingly, that model was sold out in both twin and king. Meanwhile, my sister-in-law queued up to buy a backpack. It took 45 minutes for her to complete that purchase. 

The Coppel sales clerk asked for our phone number. He said there may be a new shipment later in the week. Well, he did call and told us that the model we were interested in wouldn’t be available, but he had other models we could look at. No thanks. 

We went out again to search for a mattress that Thursday. There’s a furniture store in town called PorVenir but it being Thursday, it was closed, because of an old town regulation. Thursdays and Sundays are only half days for businesses in Moroleon, Buen Fin extravaganza or not. 

Instead, we headed to Uriangato to a store called El Bodegón. We arrived just about the lunch hour, 3-4 pm and there were very few people there. Delightfully, they had mattresses! We were interested in the line of Viking beds. Thor, Odin or Loki were nice, firm mattresses. Sadly, they didn’t have them in stock. But the model Reflection was available for immediate pickup in both king and twin size and in our budget range. Yippee! We got a free pillow as our Buen Fin bonus. 

Next, we had to decide what to do with our old mattresses. We opted to keep the full size mattress that was on my son’s bed and make a new base for it from some scrap wood as a guest bed. The twin and king mattresses were beyond salvaging. Off to the recycling center they went. We received 50 pesos for each mattress and good riddance. 

So although it was stressful being out and about with all the people, we managed to avoid most of the crowds and get new beds. We shouldn’t have to replace these for another 15 years, so an investment well worth the time and effort it took. 

Mattress covers, new sheets, and comforters I ordered at Zulily. New pillows I picked up at la Bodega Aurelia on my weekly grocery shopping trip. Since quality sleep is a requirement for a healthy immune system, new bedding is my endeavor against getting COVID. Well, new bedding and a daily dose of Vitamin D, C, and Zinc as a precaution. It’s worrisome. Numbers in Mexico are skyrocketing. So stay home and stay safe everyone this holiday season!

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Early Black Friday Shopping Deals 2020 That You Can Take Advantage of from Mexico

Although I ventured out during the extended Buen Fin here in Mexico, my Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping will be entirely online. Yes, Black Friday is still a few days away. However, I thought I’d share some Black Friday deals that start NOW. 

Herbal Academy

Get your favorite herbalist a gift from Herbal Academy. Herbal Academy Goods Shop products are 20% off with coupon code GIVETWENTY now until November 30. Textbook sets are excluded.

My favorite item in the store is the Self-Care Journal, because we all need a bit more of that this year! Herbal Academy ships internationally, but has been experiencing some delays in shipping because of the COVID-19 situation, so order early!

If you are looking for something to fill the quarantine hours, Herbal Academy is an excellent option for online classes as well. First time registrations to The Herbarium are just $34.99 (no coupon needed) also until November 30. 


Amazon is another place that you can get your Black Friday deals now. Not everything featured in the deals section ships to Mexico, but it makes a great place to start if you are sending gifts this year rather than doing in-person festivities.

Amazon Mexico is also having some Black Friday sales. Recently I saw that you can purchase on Amazon Mexico and pay at OXXO. Imagine that!

For Reading Addicts

Are you a book lover? Do you have a book lover on your gift list? Then be sure to take a look at what For Reading Addicts has to offer. From coffee mugs to shower curtains, show your love for books with any one of these amazing products! There’s even a Christmas themed section to put you in the holiday spirit. Some products are made-to-order, so order early.


I just ordered my son and I new glasses last week through EyeBuyDirect. I love that I can pay using Amazon Pay. They are offering an early Black Friday sale. Buy 1 get 1 free + 20% discount with the code SNEAKPEEK. You can also get $10 off your first order with the code IFJBT2LGL1. Not only are there some gorgeous frames on sale but you can get Ray-Ban & Oakley glasses for 30% off frames and 70% off lenses with the code GIFT4U.


Zulily has reasonable shipping rates to Mexico. Shoes, clothing, bedding, toys, Christmas decor and more available at discounted prices. I absolutely love to get my puzzles from Zulily. They’ve certainly been a lifesaver this year with the extended quarantine. The selection available changes daily, so it’s worth spending a few days checking out what they’ve got. 

C.E. Flores

Last, but not least, I’m offering my own early Black Friday deals. 

A Woman’s Survival Guide to Disasters in Rural Mexico: A Framework for Empowered Living Through Crisis and Book Building: A Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Your Book are just 99 cents if you get them today. That is 81% off their regular price. Over the next few days, the price will go up just a little bit until they return to their regular price on November 30. 



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