Manchas’ in the HOUSE!

So at least one miracle occurred in my world this year. Manchas is BACK! Here’s how that went down.

Yesterday when my son was giving water to Lady, who was tied across the street, he saw a white blur in the nearby mesquite tree. He called out to it, and it mewed back. Of course, he knew that he’d never be able to approach, so he ran and got me. 

I came rushing out, and sure enough, it was Manchas. The tree branch was low enough that I could have reached her, except for the fact that it was surrounded completely by brambles. As much as I pushed in, I couldn’t get close enough. 

Manchas panicked at my blundering and ran down the tree to an even more secure location. I circled around and called to her. She mewed back but would not be coaxed out. So my son, ever limber, climbed a tree and moved toward her so she would leave her hiding spot. She did move but in the opposite direction. 

I spotted her through the abandoned house, and she stopped and mewed at me, then took off running. I had to take the long way ‘round, but the dogs on top of my son’s house let me know in which direction she had gone. 

My son circled his house and scared her back towards me; only she ducked into a hole in the wall. So through the house, I went and out into the backyard. She was there but obviously frazzled, and I didn’t try to grab her. My son blocked up the hole and then got Fuzz as bait. 

Manchas felt more comfortable approaching Fuzz, who wasn’t running anywhere anytime soon. With Fuzz as the distraction, I was able to swoop in (slowly, mind you) and catch her up. We went inside, and I served her some food. 

She was skittish the entire afternoon, although she’d chirp at me when I’d talk to her. Finally, I settled down on my bed, and she curled up next to me. She was HOME! My heart is so much lighter, as those of you who are pet parents will surely understand.


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  1. Merry Christmas to you! I’m so glad your baby is back. 🥹😋


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