Chicklets and Chogs

We had a surprise brood appear this month. One of our kikirikis (miniature chicken) had taken herself off to the fenced-in area under the chayote, not that we noticed with the other clucky-clucks around. Then suddenly, she popped out with 7–yes 7–chicks in tow. She’s a cautious mom. She only took the little’uns to the other side of the fence when she was sure Fred and George wouldn’t bother them. They didn’t. She doesn’t have the panic-inducing sense of adventure the last mama hen had when she would round everybody up and “go on an adventure” like The Magic Schoolbus series. So far, so good!

Remember, some years ago, we had Chat, the chicken cat? Well, now we also have become the home of 2 chogs (chicken dogs). These speckled beasts not only lie down with the dogs (I’m sure waking up with fleas) but also come when my son calls Fred and George for dinner. And not just to hang back a modest distance either. They are front and center waiting for a plate of dog food. My son has to shoo them away, they are that aggressive. 

If you remember, the story of Chat, the chicken cat, didn’t have a happy ending. It remains to be seen how Chog 1 and Chog 2 will do.


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