Pupper Problems

The Puppers are now bigger than Puppy and that’s really an issue these days. Puppy still wants to be top dog but it’s getting harder and harder for him to keep the Puppers in line. The Puppers like to wrestle while we walk along, but Puppy takes it way to seriously and between the three of them, I am in serious danger of being knocked over on the uneven terrain in La Yacata.

A few months back, someone abandoned yet another dog in La Yacata. This guy is a little older and as friendly as can be. He just wants to be loved. He gets so excited to see us that his whole body wags. 

IMG_20190916_104945 (2)

A potential Buddy sighting has George Pupper and Puppy all riled up. Fred Pupper is just doing his own thing.

The attention we gave to the new guy, who we named Buddy, didn’t sit well with Puppy. He got jealous and started attacking poor Buddy whenever he tried to come down for a head pat, some dog food or go for a walk with the gang. It never got to the point where Buddy was seriously injured though since he immediately rolled over in submission. 

The Puppers didn’t feel as threatened by Buddy. In fact, they quite liked playing with him. Buddy decided to make his home base someplace near my father-in-law up the hill. So now, after breakfast, the Puppers head up and hang out up there, leaving Puppy all alone in front of the house.

IMG_20190916_110802 (2)

Puppy left behind by the Puppers on a visit to Buddy.

Puppy seems depressed when the Puppers are gone. It appears he blames Buddy for their desertion. Every time he sees Buddy cross that imaginary line into Puppy territory, he just goes ballistic. Then he’s furious when the Puppers return from their visit. 

The Puppers attitude, especially Fred Pupper, is “just we can’t all get along” to which Puppy growls. We aren’t quite sure how to proceed with this situation. My son has been trying to disciplinary tactics. If Puppy has gone after Buddy, there’s no dog treat for him. However, I think it just may be making Puppy resent Buddy even more.

The same no dog treat rule applies to the Puppers when they head up to hang out with Buddy. They are supposed to stay near the house. They appear contrite with those mournful eyes, but the minute they can back up the road they go.

My son has also tried bopping them on the nose, scolding them, and making them come inside the animal compound for a few hours (doggy time out) but there hasn’t been a noticeable improvement.

What’s a doggie daddy to do with his wayward sons? Seems like some drastic measures are in order.


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