Puppy Love


February certainly is the month to show how much you love your pets. Not only was February 20, Love Your Pet Day, but also today, February 23 is National Dog Biscuit Day.

Furthermore, February is Dog Training Education Month, National Prevent a Litter Month, and Responsible Pet Owner Month. This month also hosts Have a Heart for a Chained Dog Week and National Justice for Animals Week.

While we have been a cat/dog hiatus, one of each is more than enough, recently we added to our pet number. Neither Puppy nor Kitty is happy about it though.

My father-in-law’s dog had a litter of 8 pups. Once they were up and at’em, he said he was going to take them to the basurera (dump) because he couldn’t possibly feed them all. In addition to the momma dog, her 8 offspring, he also has another dog, making his canine population a grand total of 10.

My son came back from a visit and asked if we could adopt one. So we went up the hill and came back with 4. My husband carried on the entire time. 4 puppies! What were we going to do with those?

img_20190108_124637 (2)

He and my son gave them a flea bath however and settled them in a box in the backyard. In the next few days, my husband found homes for the other 2. He wanted to get rid of them all, but my son was now attached to Fred and George or as my husband calls them Ojos and Junior. However, he was able to adopt out the remaining 4 pups, greatly reducing the expense for my father-in-law.


Fred and George are also very attached to my son as well. They love being carried about like babies, getting milk left over from the sheep/goat baby feedings and eating dog food. They couldn’t be happier!

So how are we celebrating all these doggy holidays this month? Well, we are heading to the vet to find out about the shot given to prevent my father-in-law’s dog from going into heat again. My son is in charge of the puppy training making him the responsible pet owner. We don’t chain any of our dogs although they are inside the Flores compound after dark for their own protection. And today, we will reward all the puppies, Puppy and Kitty (because she just can’t be left out) with a special biscuit treat. And they will reward us with LOVE or in Kitty’s case, a little less disdain. Now, this is my kind of celebration!


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