2018 Mid-year Goal Updates

Can you believe that we are at the mid-point for 2018? Where did all the time go? If you remember, back in January I made a short list of goals for this year. Here’s how they have been going.

My word for 2018 was CREATE.

Here’s what I have created so far:

Featured guest posts for:

Charities and Non-Profit Organizations: The Border Rights Clinic

Inspiring Authors in Mexico: Don Karp

Blogs About Mexico Worth Reading: Ventanas MexicoLetters From MexicoSaltillo Expats,

Small Businesses in Mexico: Pets, Plants and PorchesIllustrations by Clau GuzesSMA Walking Tours by Joseph Toone, Tortilleria

Individuals Braving Mexico:  A Day in the Life in Owl Valley, A Day in the Life in San Circo de Acosta

Herbal Lore: Nispero leaf teaGuayaba Leaf Tea

Each of these categories should have more posts by the end of the year. At least that’s what I’m planning on.

I also participated in the A to Z April Blog challenge along with my SOTB Blogging group which was one of my secondary goals. You can find the full list here.

And finally, not only did I finish Wascally Wabbits and Zombies Babies but I also finished La Yacata Revolution and A to Z Reasons why La Yacata is the Place to Be in Any Disaster.


I am currently working on a book designed specifically for women moving to Mexico and have the outline for my homesteading in Mexico book.  Enough about what I did so far, back to more creating!


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2 responses to “2018 Mid-year Goal Updates

  1. mylife74wp

    You have been one busy person!! Keep up the wonderful work.

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