A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today my son graduated from secondary school marking the end of his traditional education here in Mexico.  It comes not a moment too soon.  He’s been butting heads with the school administration about his haircut, his final project choice (transparency in school expenditures) and having an awfully hard time getting up at 5 am to make the trip to town.  Be that as it may, he graduated with a 9.1 (91) which is pretty dang good considering he never did master those dratted Mexican moral value classes. (See Why we sent our child to Mexican preschool and Why we sent our child to Mexican elementary school)

So in honor of the end of his formal education process, I thought I’d indulge in a little trip down memory lane. Forgive me if I tear up and can’t write any more for this post!


Graduation day 2017

at eti

Hanging out at the secondary school


First day of secondary school


Graduation day elementary


First day of sixth grade

2008 115.jpg

First day of elementary school

2008 081.jpg

Graduation day kindergarten

2008 086.jpg

Kindergarten graduation ceremony


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