Lighting up the night with solar

Our longed for solar power system has not become manifest yet.  We continue to use our non-electric or rechargeable devices. (See Dirty and Ragged and There is still no electricity in La Yacata) For evening illumination, we have the moon and the stars and candles.

Since Chokis untimely murder (See Chokis) nighttime thefts in La Yacata have increased.  We aren’t ready to risk another dog, so we needed something in the way of a deterrent that could not be poisoned. I took a chance on ordering motion activated solar lights, and we have instantly become the talk of the settlement.


I ordered one from Amazon Mexico and had my husband install it over the front door.  It certainly makes it easier to unlock the door after dark.  No more fumbling for keys or scraping around the lock.  And it turns on whenever anything moves within 20 feet of the sensor.  It’s nearly as good an alarm as Chokis was.  You should see people scramble away from its light as if they might get burned.


We liked it so much that I ordered some more.  The second light is outside the front door porch upstairs.  It’s strategically located so that more area is encompassed in light should anyone pass and illuminates the porch if we (or the cats) head out onto the porch.  



The third light is out back.  It’s particularly useful when we have to make a late-night bucket run to the aljibe (dry well).  No more stumbling around in the dark.

Several of the neighbors have requested sensor lights for their own homes.  I’m making another order soon, so we’ll see how well this little resell business goes.  Meanwhile, I’m still looking into a full solar system.  It’s gonna happen soon, I just know it!




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8 responses to “Lighting up the night with solar

  1. Being the fan of the dark that I am, I always opt for less light than more. Bacalar has gotten so bright at night that it affects star gazing. The Yucatán is one of the final “dark” places in Mexico. I appreciate your effort to protect yourselves. There is more theft here of late and lights are one of the easiest deterrents.

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    • That’s one of the reasons I have on the fence about being success in obtaining electricity for the community. Electricity means more settlers which means more lights which means less star gazing. I really like these sensor lights because they turn off then when not in use–allowing the night to shine through again.


  2. Good move! I got motion sensor lights, at the urging of someone who used to be in law enforcement in the US, when someone broke into one of the apartments in our compound here in Oaxaca. He said they were one of the best deterrents.

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