Theme Reveal–A to Z Blogging Challenge


The 2017 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge!

Where has the month of March gone?  I should have had this post up last week, but obviously, I didn’t.  So what’s this all about?  Well, in April I’ve accepted a month long day blogging challenge.  Seems ambitious of me, I know.  A post a day for 26 days?  On top of all my other goings on?  What’s life without a little risk (and a lot of pressure) anyway?

So to whet your appetite for my fine blog posts–today is the big theme reveal!

A to Z reasons why La Yacata is the place to be WTSHTF (When the Sh*t hits the Fan)

Tada! Yep, you heard it right folks.  I’m venturing into the realms of Prepperdom for a spell.  If you’ve always wanted to know why La Yacata is the best place to live, I’ll give you 26 alphabetically inspired posts this month to set your mind at ease.  If, at the end of the month, you decide, like we did, that La Yacata is the place to be, then I know of a few lots for sale right next door!

Look for the first riveting post April 1.

Find other blogs that have accepted the challenge at:

The Great and Powerful A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal!

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  1. That’s quite a theme, looking forward to it! ☺

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