Somehow Brexit has been messing with the Mexican peso. But since I’ve been earning a few dollars, that’s been to my advantage. So what’s a girl to do but go shopping!

As I hate, I mean hate, shopping here in Moroleon (quality, price, selection, size, you name it, I hate it) I was delighted that Amazon had opened a Mexican branch. Shipping for non-imported items was free with orders over 500 pesos and DHL delivery was prompt and reliable. (See Trade Route Established). My only hangup is that Amazon didn’t accept Paypal, so buying meant transferring my dollars from Paypal to my Mexican bank account, which was a 5 to 10-day wait, before purchasing.

Then I was introduced to Zulily! Zulily is kinda of like an online outlet store. Items are discounted but not available in every size or color. And, much like an outlet store, sometimes you have to sift through stuff to find a good bargain.

Shipping fees to Mexico are 120 pesos, which really is pretty good. The catch is all the items you order are sent to the central Zulily warehouse and then packaged together to be sent to you. This might delay the package some. Well, I’m used to slow mail.

Shipping is free for any other orders you make to the same address until midnight of the day you place the order. Any tax and duty fees are included in the price of the product, so there aren’t any surprises at checkout like with Amazon. AND Zulily uses DHL which I have found to be far superior to Fed-ex and the local postal service in my area of Mexico. (See Shipping Fiasco)

After browsing longer than I should have, I put a pair of jeans, a shirt, some shoes and a bra in my shopping basket. I headed like Little Red Riding Hood to the checkout and paid up. Later, I was second guessing my purchases. So I went back and ordered another pair of jeans and some undies. There, that ought to do it. Oh, and some sheets. Ok, I was done.

I placed my order on June 29 and the estimated delivery date was July 16. I had it shipped to the school since that seems to work the best. School was officially out for the school year, however, there was someone at the front desk for most of the morning and on Saturdays, I was there faithfully teaching English classes (See Saturday classes)

To my delight, my order arrived on June 14. No missing items, no lost boxes, and the clothes fit just right. I was super pleased with the experience. Now, let me take a look at the school items on sale….




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