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Surround Sound in the Quarantine Home Gym

One of my goals way back in January was to lose some weight this year. Age and hypothyroidism mean I’ve packed on a few more pounds than I am comfortable with. Then quarantine happened, and that regular exercise routine never really took off as I would have liked. 

I had a bonus assignment at work and decided that I would use that money to get an exercise bike. With shootings, rough roads and rainy season, I haven’t been biking like I had before. So I figured a stationary bike would be just the ticket to burn some calories. 

Shopping during quarantine was not easy. On one grocery store run at the Bodega, I found a bike that I was interested in at a price I was happy with. Of course, when we went back to get it, they were out of stock. I also tried all the empena (pawn) shops in town. I did find one, but it was in such a sorry state that I had to pass. My sister-in-law said they had treadmills at Coppel, but I didn’t want one of those. 

On the way to the bank one day, we saw a weight machine in a storefront window. I copied the phone number down and had my husband call to ask about the price. The owner was willing to give us a deal, only $25,000 pesos and it was ours. Sorry, Charlie. Not going to happen. 

Having exhausted the local options, I tried searching online. Amazon had just the one I wanted, but it would cost just as much to ship it as it would to purchase it. I checked Amazon Mexico for comparative purposes. The cheapest on that site was $50,000 pesos. I could buy a lot in La Yacata for less than that! 

I put the bike idea on the back burner for just a bit. Then thought about it some more. I had already earmarked that extra check for this purchase and it would cover the cost of the bike and shipping from the U.S. So I bought it from Amazon, only to be informed that it was on back-order and they weren’t exactly sure when they would get a new shipment in. Well, drat! I guess everybody else was trying to get their home gyms set up, too!

In the meantime, I ordered some speakers for the computer. We have a tentative plan to try and get my son his U.S. GED since they are offering it online due to COVID-19. In order to take the exam, he needed a microphone, camera, and speakers–a headset wasn’t allowed. So those were purchased. He’s still working his way through the GED practice lessons, but I’m hopeful he’ll be ready to take the exam by the end of September. 

Finally, Amazon sent me a notification that my exercise bike had shipped. It arrived two weeks later, which was two months after I ordered it, but hey, better late than never, right? I have all my Amazon shipments go to my sister-in-law’s house, since we don’t have an address here in La Yacata. From there, my husband strapped it on the back of his moto and brought it home. 

My son, Fuzz, and I spent the afternoon putting it together. It took some doing as the instruction manual was poorly translated, but we managed. It’s exactly what I wanted. With the speakers, I can pedal away the pounds to the beat of some of my favorite tunes, or at least what I imagine is happening. I haven’t actually lost any weight yet, but hope springs eternal!

How are you staying fit while staying at home?

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Ordering Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Captura de pantalla (91)

If you remember, the other week I mentioned I had ordered prescription eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect. Well….they arrived! It took a little more than a week via UPS and we couldn’t be happier! 


Look at the box each pair came in! It’s perfect for storing my old glasses or other knickknacks.

So let me rave a bit about this company. Not only were we able to get 4 pairs of glasses sent to our doorstep in Mexico (or rather my sister-in-law’s doorstep) for what one pair would have cost at the eye doctor, but EyeBuyDirect donates one pair of glasses for each one you purchase to a country of your choice. I picked Mexico…duh. 

I was a little nervous about ordering and getting the fit right. I went with a small size for me and medium for my son and they are perfect! There are instructions on measuring and sizing on the site to help you get through it too. And if they weren’t, EyeBuyDirect offers a 14-Day Fit & Style guarantee where you can exchange your glasses for another pair if they aren’t quite right. 

And the options! Since both my son and I use our computers probably more than we should, I added the blue light filter on two pairs. There is also a more advanced option called Digital Protection which I might just order next time around. If you’d like to try some Digital Protection Glasses, here’s a 20% off code (DIGI20). 

Here are the glasses with the options we ordered so you can see the phenomenal prices. 


So now I feel like I have a new lease on life! I can see my puzzle pieces, thread a needle, read without having to lift my glasses and go down the stairs like a normal person. It’s just amazing what having the correct pair of lenses will do!

If you’d like to try EyeBuyDirect, you can take $10 off your order by using this code at checkout (IFJBT2LGL1) or click here to have it automatically applied.




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Shopping Online In Mexico


Since today is Prime Day at Amazon, I thought I’d talk a little about ordering things online from Mexico. I haven’t been very adventurous ordering from many sites online because well, I’m concerned that my Capital One 360 account will be suspended for fraud. It’s happened. In fact, while I was traveling last month, I tried to pay for my son’s exam fee through UVEG online and that 56 pesos transaction triggered a total account shut down. I spent hours on the phone explaining that I was traveling and verifying who I was. Ironically, not one of my transactions in Philadelphia, Chicago or Mexico City airport was denied. 

Anyway, I use both Amazon and Amazon Mexico to order products. I find that Amazon has more selection than their Mexican counterpart and as long as I make sure that the item is eligible to be shipped to Mexico, I have few problems. Amazon calculates the import fees for me. If the import fees turn out to be less than what Amazon estimated, I get a refund on the difference. 

Captura de pantalla (79).png

I get free shipping options when I order from Amazon Mexico. Most orders more than $499 pesos have a free shipping option without needing to enroll in Amazon Prime. I really appreciate that option. It may take me a little longer to receive things, but I’m patient. 

prime membership

If you like to sign up for a 30-day Prime Trial membership–you can do that here and take advantage of the Prime Day offers. 

Captura de pantalla (78)

I also like to shop at Zulily. I have the option to pay via Paypal there instead of my debit card, so I like that added security. Zulily has closeout items at great prices and ships to Mexico for $120 per order no matter how many packages the order is. And there is free shipping for orders more than $1500 pesos. I like to buy puzzles through Zulily. Again, I have to wait a bit because Zulily doesn’t ship items until the box is full, but I’m good with that.

Both Amazon and Zulily have been great when orders have been lost or items have been wrong. Amazon Mexico hasn’t been as helpful overall which is a shame really. 

Captura de pantalla (80).png

My most recent foray into the online market is EyeBuyDirect, a prescription glasses wholesaler. While we were in the U.S. we managed to get eye appointments. It turns out that my son needs his first pair of glasses and I need to make the transition to bifocals. I’ve never ordered glasses online before, but it was considerably cheaper than buying glasses at the eye doctor’s and they ship to Mexico albeit UPS so we could be waiting awhile. Paypal is a payment option at EyeBuyDirect as well. We are still waiting on our glasses, so I’ll let you know how they are once they arrive.

Do you shop online from Mexico? What sites do you recommend?




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