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Rainy Season Electric Woes

The rainy season has arrived in full force and with it some issues with the little house in Sunflower Valley.

The roof that was repaired last year has started to leak again. This meant rearranging the furniture and strategic bucket placement. The roof cannot be refixed until the rainy season is over.

The rain has also caused some electricity issues. The other day, a thunderous rainstorm blew the wire that goes from the house to the post lose. Of course, it was in the middle of an online class. No one else in the neighborhood was affected. We went outside to check it out and saw sparks shooting from the wires.


Look at this mess! Is there any wonder there are problems?

CFE came out but said there wasn’t anything wrong. Of course, it was raining when they came out and the World Cup games were on, so I expect they didn’t take much time to look it over. The next day, we headed to CFE to request maintenance. They said they’d be right out, in somewhere between 2 and 5 hours right out that is.

IMG_20180621_112812 (1).jpg

While we waited, my husband checked the other wires. The rain had drenched the wires in the box and shorted out the meter as well. Plus, all the wires to the house meet in a clump under the bougainvillea bush and were wet too. He did what he could to fix those but it really is only a temporary fix. A permanent solution would require rewiring the entire house. Not gonna happen.


We did eventually get electricity again only to have to go out the next day when a transformer blew. Again, I was in class.


Enough was enough. As soon as the power was back, I ordered a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). It isn’t a complete solution since it basically is a battery back-up, but it should help reduce the hours of work I lose because of an electricity outage. Providing the internet is still functioning, that is.





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