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A bit of remodeling–Sitting around the house

I think I may have gotten a bit carried away with chairs.  For so long, we haven’t had a decent chair or sofa to sit on.  Now we have plenty if anyone is thinking about coming for a visit.


First, from one of the carpenters that we didn’t get the bedside tables from, I bought this Adirondack chair for the back porch.  I adore it.  My son said I look like a little kid in it.  I guess because maybe my feet don’t touch the ground.


Then from the guy who sold the bedside tables before we could snatch them up, I bought this rocking chair.  I love it!  But yet again, my son says it is too big for me.  It’s supposedly for the front porch, whenever that gets done.


Then there are the 6 chairs from the indigenous tent guy with the wife, twin toddlers and 4 year old, plus a couple of puppies.  We weren’t as happy with these, mostly because of the poor stain job.  Plus, it took 3 trips to pick them up.  Each time a new finished time was given.  The chairs, however, are sturdy and should last a good while, although not too comfortable.



Then we had carpenter Harley redo the legs of the last 3 chairs that came with the table my mom gave me for our wedding.  The tops were still good.  The legs not so much.  Remember that spectacular fall? While he was at it, he restained the table.  Looks good, doesn’t it?  The chairs came back much shorter than they went, so it was a good thing we had already purchased those 6 other chairs for the table.  They’re still good though.  I use one for my sewing machine and two for my puzzle table.


I also had carpenter Harley make me a bench for my piano–another sitting place.  


And finally, we brought the cute little brown chairs from the Little House in Sunflower Valley for this little sitting area in front of the window. These are the only sitting spots that were not handcrafted, although the table was made by my son.

So while we do not have a couch, there certainly are plenty of places to just sit around the house these days!



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