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New 2020 License Plates in Guanajuato

In October, I found out that the state of Guanajuato was issuing new license plates and that I needed to sign up post-haste to get mine. I had just picked up my moto license plate in January when there was the whole fiasco of the driver’s license having the letter “A” and all. Anyway, due to COVID, the procedure was going to be different. 

So I went to the special website (https://placas2020.guanajuato.gob.mx/) for more information. Amazingly enough, the new plates are free until December 31. Appointments were made beginning in September. Fortunately, my license plate ends with the number 4, so I could schedule an appointment for October. 

In order to complete the transaction:

  • The vehicle must be registered to the person who will pick up the new license plates.
  • The owner must have a photo ID (INE or driver’s license).
  • The owner must present a comprobante de domicilio (proof of address) no more than 4 months old. 
  • The owner must have a CURP (Clave Única de Registro de Población)
  • The vehicle must be current in its payments to the government without any outstanding fines. 
  • The vehicle must not have been reported stolen in the Registro Público Vehicular (REPUVE) system.
  • The current license plates (1 for motorcycles, 2 for cars and trucks) and the tarjeta de circulación (permission to circulate card) must be turned in.

If all of those are in order, then an appointment could be made online. 

To make an appointment, I had to set up an account with my email. Since my husband was going to need to go through this process too, I set him up one too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use the same email for both, but since I have more than one email account, I finally got that done. 

Then I had to enter the CURP number and the system pulled up my name. I added in the address on my driver’s license (my sister-in-law’s address since we don’t have a street address in La Yacata). Then I had to add a phone number. Again, I couldn’t have the same number for both accounts, so I used my cell phone number and my son’s cell phone number. 

The next step was to take pictures of the comprobante de domicilio (proof of address) and photo ID. The comprobante was accepted just fine, but the IDs were “too blurry” or something and they were rejected. So I went and had all the IDs scanned at the ciber cafe, then uploaded them. With the newly scanned images, I could proceed to the next step. 

My husband’s procedure, however, was an at an impasse. Remember how I had to get the letter “A” off my license so the comprobante de domicilio and my license matched exactly? Well, when we did all the license and vehicle renewal in January, my husband decided to NOT change the addresses on his IDs. And now that decision had come back to haunt him. His IFE, truck driver’s license and motorcycle driver’s license have 3 different addresses, none of which we can get a comprobante de domicilio for. So until one of his identifications matched the comprobante, he couldn’t make his appointment. 

But back to me…I made the appointment at 8:10 in the morning and we arrived shortly before 8. A woman came out and called the names of the appointments for 8:00 to 8:15. My temperature was checked, I showed my tarjeta de circulación (permission to circulate card) and sat socially distanced with a mask on in the waiting area.

When it was my turn, I handed my ID and comprobante to the woman. She then asked for my residency card (which I always carry with me for such eventualities). I handed that over too. Next I signed a waiver allowing them to keep my information on file. I then had my fingerprints taken. Both thumbs were pressed into this little digital reader thing. I foresee this being a problem for my husband. His fingers are so calloused from work that those reader things can’t detect the lines on his fingers. 

Next, I had to digitally sign my name for the new tarjeta de circulación (permission to circulate card). Finally, I had to REMOVE my mask and glasses for a picture. I assume the picture is in the file somewhere because it’s not on the new license plate or the tarjeta de circulación (permission to circulate card). Well, me and helmet hair grimaced into the camera. My eyes are probably closed too. Que sera, sera. 

Then I was directed with my completed paperwork to Caja 4. The masked man behind the counter gave me a new license plate and tarjeta de circulación (permission to circulate card). The tarjeta de circulación (permission to circulate card) is more durable plastic than the previous versions, but’s that’s really the only difference. I was finished and could leave with the goods. 

And then there was the little matter of my husband’s documents….

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