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us embassy in mexico

Embassy of the United States in Mexico

immigrationMexican Immigration Offices

bittersweetExpat Resources

Expat Network Mexico: Moving to, Working in, Living in Mexico

Mexico Expat Forum at Expat Exchange

Parenting Abroad

Blogs from Expats living in Mexico at Expatblog


The Happy Expat Family: How to Overcome the 8 Challenges Your Family Will Face Living Abroad (Includes Interviews with 16 Expat Families)

My Mexican Lawyer

Mexpat Life–Retired expats experience

Expats living in Mexico

iExpats–Investing Expatriates

How To Work, Live, Or Retire in Mexico – A Practical, Detailed Guide

Expats in Monterrey

Daily Mexican Auto Insurance rates start at $5/day.

G Suite helps you work faster from anywhere and from any device.

Earth Class Mail - Mobile Offer


Blogs and Books about and Support Groups for Living in Mexico

South of the Border Sisters (My favorite Facebook support group–Women only)

Living at Lake Chapala by Judy King

Mexico Daily Living–The Daily Life of a Retired American Woman in Mexico


Notes from Paradise–Isla Mujeres

German in Mexico

Life on Mars–I mean TJ 

…another day in the jungle –life in Yelapa

Life As I Know It Now…

Embracing my awkwardness and celebrating my Tijuana / US border roots

My Life in Ciudad Acuna Mexico

Mexico Mommy

The Real Housewife of Ciudad Juarez

Expat Mom

Musings of a Gypsy

Loving the Land of the Flour Tortilla

I love my husband more than the USA

La Casa de Leslie


Living South of Sanity

Los O-Gradys in Mexico

Our Little Life (in Mexico)

Mexico Retold

Mexican at heart

A Moving Story

Team Fubur

 Life in My Mexico

All About Puebla

El drama mexicano–de us

View from Casita Colibri

Part Time in Puerto Vallarta

Gringation’s Blog

 Cafe con leche

Tea and Tacos

Mexicowoods–An Expatriate Life

Chronicles of an Expat Family

A Canuck in Mexico

mexpatriate–in the key of steve

A Year in Mexico for our Family

How do you say taco in Spanish? 

A thousand generations


Discover GDL

Mexico, Eh?

My Heart of Mexico

VidaMaz–Expatriate Family Life in Mazatlan Mexico

View from Casita Colibri

Ahorita ya

Mija’s Mexico

Southbound in Mexico By S Temple

iamkaren23–This is my life

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