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A to Z Blogs About Mexico — Undiscovered Oaxaca


Melissa writes about little known places at her blog Undiscovered Oaxaca.

undiscovered oaxaca.jpg

I’m a foreign language teacher, and I got a job teaching English at a small engineering university here in 1998.

There is a lot of information out there in English for tourists visiting Oaxaca City and the villages immediately outside of it. But Oaxaca is a huge state with so many wonderful places to “discover”. I started the blog to reserve the name Undiscovered Oaxaca because I imagined that name for a guided cultural tour company I may or may not one day start if I decide to move out of teaching. I’m not so sure I like the name anymore though as it has a slight colonial vibe going on with the idea of outsiders “discovering” the place.

I still love the tag “Beyond the known” though. Anyway, as I said, the blog is supposed to be travel information for places outside Oaxaca City. I have a ton of ideas and notes, but not a load of free time to work on it as I work full time and have three kids. My husband works 80 hours a week so I do most the domestic things. I also do freelance translations (specializing in academic articles).

I volunteer with an organization that promotes linguistic rights of indigenous peoples. We are also building a house in my in-law’s hometown where we have also built the town a library and are trying to establish a food forest, so blogging is a pretty low priority for me right now.

As for the purpose and why I do it I want to get information out there in English about lesser known places, but not really *for* the tourists/travelers, but rather *for* the places. There are a lot of communities in Oaxaca right now that are trying to establish ecotourism or cultural tourism as an income stream for their community, and those are places I want to promote. Oaxaca and Oaxacans have given me so much I want to help make these ventures of theirs successful.

It’s difficult finding time to write! I have always written. I kept a journal of my travel experiences from 1991 to 2003, but writing for oneself is different from writing for the public. I also have participated in online forums and Facebook groups quite extensively since about 2000. I’ve written tons of things there that could have been blog posts, but mostly in response to people questions. I find I have a harder time just organizing something that’s for the public not in response to a question. In fact, several of my blog posts have actually been written because someone asked something in a Facebook group and I didn’t feel like I could respond adequately in that format, so I wrote a blog post then linked to that in the group. Hopefully, I will get up to a post a month!

I’ve lived pretty much all my adult life in Mexico, so my best life experiences have happened in Mexico, but not necessarily because of Mexico, you know what I mean? Like becoming a mother, successful moments in my career, etc. By becoming part of a Mexican family, doors that tourists don’t even know are there have been opened to me. That’s part of why I think about running a tour company some day. I could arrange experiences most tourists would never have access to.

Five years ago we moved to another small community in another region of Oaxaca, we moved there because we felt like we were needed there and could make a positive impact through our work in education. Our house was broken into during Semana Santa, our dogs were poisoned and everything that could fit out the window was stolen, even things that didn’t have much value. What did I learn? I think mostly that there are too many people in the world. For every young person I see use education as a path to transform their reality, there are 5 more who are so desperate they will poison other living beings for trinkets.

My advice for those planning on coming to Mexico is don’t be afraid to try new things, new foods, go places that don’t look nice. Unwinding on a beach resort is great and has its place, but that’s not all there is to a trip to Mexico.

I can be found at:

Undiscovered Oaxaca


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A to Z Blogs About Mexico–The Hurt, The Hope

Esperanza has just begun blogging at The Hurt, The HopeHave you ever wondered what it was like to live in Mexico as a teenage exile from the United States?


My dad was deported so I live in Mexico now. There is a song by As It Is by the same name as my blog. I do not focus on one particular area, though I am based in Monterrey, ML. Topics include talking about mental health, music and how the broken US government affects us.

I blog in hope that my experiences and thoughts help others in a situation similar to me to not feel so alone. Since I myself am only 17, I aim for a teenage audience.

hope circle.PNG

My favorite blog post was Alone in A Room. I love the way I felt writing it, it was calming. It was difficult to blog about losing a close friend of mine from church. He was one of the leaders and I was very close to him.

The best experience I’ve had in Mexico was going to Guanajuato. It made me see that the world is so much bigger than someone my age believes. The worst experience I’ve had was being bullied by others because of my speaking problems and being American. I realized that the misery I felt then was only temporary and better things come.


My advice to others is to keep an open mind, be respectful and enjoy the little things.

I plan to continue studying and have my life in Mexico. If I get enough of a following, I hope to see my blog become known to others outside of our community. Depending on how far this goes, I may start doing vlogs.

I can be found at:


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A to Z Blogs About Mexico–Mexico Cassie

Cassie blogs her travels at Mexico Cassie.

mexico cassie

Ummmmm. I didn’t think long and hard about my blog name. I love it now though.

We are from the UK. My husband and I had long talked about moving overseas again. Once we had kids we decided that we’d try a six-month trip and see what happened. It took a while to find the right location but once I suggested Mexico, everything fell into place. We had had our honeymoon here and always said we’d go back.

We were sick and tired of always working and always being stressed. We didn’t like that we weren’t seeing enough of our kids, that I basically worked to pay nursery fees so I could work. It was a ridiculous and vicious cycle and we wanted out. We wanted to slow life down and see if we could live according to our values and passions in life.

Six months wasn’t enough. All it did was show us how much we didn’t want to go home. We did go home though. We went back, arranged our life and left for Mexico again.

We have no plans to leave. We’re not saying we’ll never go home, or somewhere else but right now the UK isn’t especially attractive to us. We love that our kids are growing up here. We will probably discuss our options as we approach educational milestones for the kids – high school and university.

I love living here, I feel so grateful and happy. I guess I loved the kindness we saw in Chihuahua City, a place everyone was scared of on our behalf. An uber driver canceled our fare when I took our son to the hospital in the middle of the night. He didn’t say anything, he just did it. Another guy gave me an icy water for free when I needed something to put on my daughter’s bumped head. And when we drove miles out to a water park that turned out to be shut for a private party, the owners let us in because they felt bad for us. We experienced nothing but kindness and welcomes in this city everyone warned us against visiting.

The worst experience we’ve had was when my husband had his bag stolen in CDMX. We were in El Globo so I guess we felt as if we were at home in Merida so we let our guards down. Luckily there wasn’t much in the bag but it was annoying. We learned that we were dumb to let our guard down in a not so lovely area of CDMX.

cassie pearse photo

I live in Yucatan so the bulk of my writing is about here but when we explore and travel I write too. I also have two guest series that I love. ‘Postcards from Mexico‘ where other bloggers send me a ‘postcard’ about somewhere that hasn’t been written about on my site. ‘Eating Around…Mexico‘ is a similar idea except you write and tell me about your ideal day’s eating in a specific location.

I also write about exploring with a family. We have small kids and we love exploring Mexico. I know some people are nervous about bringing their kids and venturing off resorts. I want to highlight the majesty of Mexico without being unrealistic about where things aren’t great.

I began by writing for me but I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I also write, edit and proofread for others but my blog is my true love. My tag line on my business cards is, ‘explore, write, empower’ and I stand by this. I want to explore first and foremost, write about what we do and how we do it and then empower others to do the same.

It upsets me how much people are fed misinformation about Mexico.

My favorite blog post…Oooh, tricky. There are a few I’m quite proud of. I love a few of the collaborations I’ve facilitated. Partly I love them because I craft them. I don’t just whack other people’s words and a few photos onto a page, I work really hard to make them come together. I love the piece I just wrote about Dia de Muertos, for example. I also love my Copper Canyon series because I loved exploring up there.

I am not sure I found anything particularly difficult to blog about. Some articles are hard to get into but I usually get there. I definitely need to go and edit some of the early ones now I know so much more about writing and blogging. If only I had time!

I want my blog to grow and grow and get better and better. I won’t sell out. I’d like to earn decent money from it.

If you are considering moving or traveling to Mexico–Do it! Read Mexico Cassie and then do it! Learn Spanish, don’t be afraid but do check in with locals to see where is sort of ‘off limits’ at the moment. Embrace Mexico and Mexico will embrace you. Be grateful you get to be here.

I can be found at:


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