Step Right Up

The final project on my son’s house for 2022 was the stairs to the rooftop area. I insisted on these because it’s such a pain to get on the ladder and climb to the roof to check the solar panels and tinacos. 

We went back and forth about the design. I thought it should be on the opposite wall from the stairs to the second floor. I also rallied for a set of spiral stairs in the middle around the support beam. But in the end, since it was my husband who made them, they were positioned beside the fireplace over the first flight of steps. 

As with most recent projects, this one took WAY longer than it needed to. However, it was not costly. The rebar, sand, and gravel were all leftovers from the roof project. We did need to buy some additional cement mix, but that was only about 1000 pesos total (about $50 USD). Then the wood framing was rented, but not expensive (about 40 pesos). 

So the steps are finished. Hopefully, 2023 will see enough funds to finish the very last brick project, a small room with a door that opens onto the roof. Whoop!


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