A bit of hard work and a little woo-woo

I feel like it’s been weeks since I last updated the blog. I’ve been working overtime (at unbelievably low wages), mostly teaching Shakespeare to Chinese 10-year-olds.  Let me tell you, that isn’t as easy as it sounds! However, it’s all for the greater good. You see, I’m busy manifesting my son’s abode/future income generator. Some parents help out with college, but I’ve decided that this would be more practical. 

Unfortunately, it’s been slow going this year, much slower than I expected. First, I had that bump in the road economically when I lost my primary source of income. I spent 3 months looking for something that would work with our wonky internet, limited power during the rainy season because of our solar setup, and my skill set. Then construction materials have been steadily increasing in price. Although the new construction is half the size of our house, the roof is going to cost just as much. But it’s coming along, and we hope to have the skeleton done by the end of September. 

If you have learned anything from reading my blog over the years, you’ll have already realized that I’m one determined lady (my mom called me pigheaded, but same difference). I’ve managed to create a life that I love in rural Mexico from scratch. Sure there are tough times, but I see these as opportunities for growth and change (albeit sometimes with some whining in the process). 

Not to toot my own horn too much, but when getting electricity the traditional way didn’t work out (See La Yacata Revolution), I found a different path via solar. When traditional publishing wouldn’t touch my books because of their limited appeal to readers, I figured out how to self-publish. (See Exploring Traditional Herbal Remedies in Mexico). 

These accomplishments weren’t just strokes of good fortune. It took an incredible amount of effort, self-education, and pigheadedness on my part (thanks, Mom!) to manifest. And this next goal, building my son’s castle in the sky, is no different.

That’s not to say I did these things single-handedly. I’ve had help. I took classes online to learn about permaculture, solar electricity, and self-publishing. My husband is a phenomenal builder when the spirit (and my nagging) moves him. We wouldn’t nearly be as comfortable without his skills. My son is helping me with the Spanish translations of my books so I can reach a larger audience. AND I keep my positivity up through a variety of positive psychology books, courses, and daily affirmations. 

I know it sounds a bit woo-woo, but I truly believe I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have without that last little bit. I could have given up after the first couple of dozen failures. But I kept my eyes on the prize, and with creativity and hard work, I did it! (I’m still working on manifesting those Victorian babe arms, but I haven’t lost sight of the goal.)

Most of you that read this blog are probably already living your best life. Either you are already set up in Mexico or are in the process of getting things together to make the leap into the new life you have envisioned. But, if you are like me, you are probably surrounded by those that are still held back by limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and fear. And this next little bit is meant for them.

If you remember, I paired up with Infostack a few months ago when they had their Writer’s collection, Write Publish Profit. Well, this month, these fine folks are offering the Unlimited Abundance Super Stack, the perfect gift for those that are still struggling to create a fulfilling life.   

From August 23 – August 26, you can get this super stack for $49. After that, the price goes up to $67. Whether it’s your money or your life (after all, wealth is relative) that needs a bit of a boost, you’ll find something to light that fire within this bundle. 

I’m not going to do the whole song and dance routine here, but you can find out more about this bundle by heading to the sales page and checking it out. And if you do decide it’s just what you need, then know that I’ll get a small commission for your purchase. A win-win scenario, if I do say so myself!

Time to get back to class!


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2 responses to “A bit of hard work and a little woo-woo

  1. Good luck. We have been working for over a year to get a permit to add a second story apartment over our garage. The process has cost us what we had our aside for the build itself. Most people build without permits. Doing things the “right” way is certainly not rewarded. Frustrating.

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    • I can believe it! Our area is still “outside” of the town’s jurisdiction and we didn’t need a permit. I’m sure eventually that will eventually change once the area has access to “servicios” but since we’ve been waiting more than 20 years for that…well, I expect it won’t be anytime soon.

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