Card Games

Once upon a time, I made several games for a local Sunday school teacher. Since I’ve nothing but time this year of continued limited events and essential travel only, I thought I’d dust those puppies off and see what I could do with them. 

I found a place that will print cards and made a biblical version of “Old Maid” starring Jezabel and a memory game with 20 women mentioned in the Old Testament. Then I had my son translate them and made Spanish versions. He’s quite the translator these days!

The cards can be ordered from my online store and shipped pretty much anywhere in the world, provided people know about them and like them enough to purchase. There may be import fees for countries outside of the U.S. and Canada (like Mexico).

I wasn’t done with my creative explosion quite yet. Having been a teacher for several decades, I know that most teachers make their own materials and don’t have a lot of money. Thus my online store on Teachers Pay Teachers was created. There I’m offering the pdf versions of the Spanish and English biblical card games, plus a FREE bingo game with three different boards (in both languages).

April 6-7, Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a site-wide sale. Everything in my store is 20% off as well. So send your teacher friends!

These games are hopefully only the first of many classroom aids. After all, I’ve been making materials for my classes for a long, long time. Perhaps they will be useful for other teachers as well. I plan on adding materials for English, Spanish, ESL and maybe music classes in addition to the Sunday school games. 

I admit I’m not so sure how to market my new “stores.” I suppose that’s a new skill I’ll have to learn. I’ll be sure to wedge time to learn marketing between the other projects I have going on in my productive quarantine 2021.

Friends having fun playing with MY cards!

So far, I’ve set up a storefront on my blog with links to these products. I’ve also set up an opt-in for a newsletter. The monthly newsletter focuses on new products and sales rather than the topics found on either of my blogs. 

You can see a sample newsletter for International Children’s Book Day below. Both books are still on sale today if you haven’t picked up your copy. You can click on the image to see the newsletter with the links. 

I’d love to hear what you think of the games, storefront, or newsletter. Marketing pointers are welcome as well!


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  1. Love your energy and drive. Marketing has always been a challenging skill for me as well. Let your son help you there too. Young folks have resources that we know not of. ♥️

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