My moto

Last week I took possession of a new-to-me Kymco People 2006 scooter. You may not have realized that I have been moto-less for nearly a year after I flew over a tope at high speed (or what I consider high speed) and the undercarriage of my last moto cracked down the middle.

Nor may you be aware that this is my THIRD moto since moving to Mexico in comparison to my husband’s first. The first moto fell to pieces after I was hit from behind by the meat truck while going to a class one Saturday morning. I was fine but I had a fit of the vapors, which is understandable once you realize that it was about 10 days after my mother-in-law died as a result of injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident with a police vehicle. 

Anyway, I am a moto owner again finally! To reward myself, I ordered this helmet because safety is important. 

The Kymco has a few issues, but relatively minor ones. The gas gauge and speedometer aren’t working. The horn fuse was burnt out. A quick fuse change and it’s fine now though. I haven’t figured out how to open the glove compartment yet. But it runs like a dream!

Of course, I can’t zoop about town just yet. While I was on vacation, my Mexican driver’s license expired. So I’ll need to renew that. Plus I still have to get a license plate, which may be an issue since the owner won’t be back in Mexico until January. (I bought it from his dad with his permission.)

Overall, I’m quite pleased with my purchase. When I set out to find a moto earlier this year, I was floored with the prices. A decent moto these days costs MORE than a 7 x 20-meter lot in La Yacata. And if I had a choice of buying a new moto at that price or getting another lot, well, more land it is. 

When the owner’s dad made the verbal agreement with my husband to sell me the moto, he apparently had no idea how much a new moto costs either. It seems his wife called him a few choice names when they went to buy a replacement moto. But because I had already paid more than half of the purchase price, he agreed to honor the deal.

Anyway, the next step into my return to road freedom is to renew my license, but that will have to wait until the next paycheck. 


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2 responses to “My moto

  1. mylife74wp

    OMG, I have the same helmet but in blue from when I had a moto in the US.

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