A to Z Blogs About Mexico–The Hurt, The Hope

Esperanza has just begun blogging at The Hurt, The HopeHave you ever wondered what it was like to live in Mexico as a teenage exile from the United States?


My dad was deported so I live in Mexico now. There is a song by As It Is by the same name as my blog. I do not focus on one particular area, though I am based in Monterrey, ML. Topics include talking about mental health, music and how the broken US government affects us.

I blog in hope that my experiences and thoughts help others in a situation similar to me to not feel so alone. Since I myself am only 17, I aim for a teenage audience.

hope circle.PNG

My favorite blog post was Alone in A Room. I love the way I felt writing it, it was calming. It was difficult to blog about losing a close friend of mine from church. He was one of the leaders and I was very close to him.

The best experience I’ve had in Mexico was going to Guanajuato. It made me see that the world is so much bigger than someone my age believes. The worst experience I’ve had was being bullied by others because of my speaking problems and being American. I realized that the misery I felt then was only temporary and better things come.


My advice to others is to keep an open mind, be respectful and enjoy the little things.

I plan to continue studying and have my life in Mexico. If I get enough of a following, I hope to see my blog become known to others outside of our community. Depending on how far this goes, I may start doing vlogs.

I can be found at:


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