Failing at your own business–Tour descriptions

Facebook has been useful in finding several of the income generating opportunities I’ve taken advantage of in the past. (Textbook Video Star). And recently, it came through again.

I happened to see a message about a company looking for someone to write tour descriptions for a cruise line and thought “I bet I can do that.” So I contacted the poster. She said the person should be living in Mexico, have a Paypal account and be able to create interesting text.  And again I thought “I can do that.”

She sent me a sample via email and then asked me to write a description of a tour the company sponsored using links to similar write-ups and a bit of online internet research along with the itinerary. I did well enough that she sent my sample to the business owner and in a few days, I was officially hired.


The pay is nominal at $100 per article, but it sure beats grading essays. There has been a bit of a learning curve. I’ve had to rewrite two of the articles I submitted so far, but again, it sure beats writing essays. It’s variable, some days I have 4 articles, other days, nothing, but, yes again, it sure beats essays.

So far I’ve enjoyed doing research on the attractions each trip visits, although there are some trips I plan on NEVER going on. There was that one that stopped at an active volcano site in Italy where in 2017 an 11-year-old boy slid into a crevice and both his parents died trying to save him, leaving his 7-year-old brother as the only survivor. What a horrible vacation! Needless to say, that wasn’t included in the tour description.

Pay is transferred to my Paypal account twice a month. I completed 7 articles in the first pay period which ended up being about $670 pesos after Paypal deducted its fees.

So while I won’t become a millionaire doing these write-ups, it will pay the internet bill for the month with a little left over for some tacos de tripa.


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