Guest Post –Candid video captures Mexico’s raw street life

Recently I was contacted by Darrel Trueman. He shared his video with me, which I found humorous and true to life. So today I’d like to share this video and a little bit form Darrel. 

Television producer Darrel Trueman never imagined he’d shoot a short film using only a smartphone.

The result is ‘Mexico and Me’, a quick-paced montage that’s been widely shared on social media. It captures the exuberance and raw energy of life in a Mexican town—life outside a gated community, that is.

“All this amazing action was taking place on the street right below me,” said Mr. Trueman, who was living in a rental apartment on Calle Libertad in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco.

Mexico and Me photo horse and buggy.jpg

“Mexico and me” captures an eccentric street in small town Mexico

“Up until that point I hadn’t intended to film anything in Mexico. I was just enjoying spending time with my retired parents, Sid and Terry.

“I was also taking time to edit a reality series that I had shot in Australia for network TV. Nevertheless, whenever there was something happening on my street, I’d grab my smartphone, hit record, and step onto my balcony to shoot the action.”

“I’m glad so many people like the film and have posted positive comments. Making it has helped me realize there are interesting stories everywhere,” said Mr. Trueman. “And also that I need to find a quieter place to live next time I’m there.”

“Speaking of which, in early 2019 I’ll be back, looking for people with an engaging story that can be developed into a reality TV series.” For more information contact me below,

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