Battling Nature–La Cucaracha


Cockroaches (la cucaracha) are another yuck that I haven’t yet made peace with. Here, these crispy critters are nearly 2 inches long, and reddish brown. They seem to care little whether it is day or night, although they are more prone to ask friends and neighbors over to dally in the bathroom at night. Crunching underfoot as you walk in the street, flying (yes they fly!) overhead in the evenings and marching across the kitchen floor just as guests arrive, make them a hazard I am not thrilled to have.

As everyone knows, there is a Raid for cockroaches too. However, these are roaches like I’ve never seen before and I expect I would need to use the industrial strength spray to even make a dent in their existence.  After my incident with the Raid for flies, I decided to not go that route.

One thing I have noticed since moving out of Moroleón and into La Yacata is that having moved out of town, cockroaches are not so common. We might have one or two that pass through our house, but the plethora of party down roaches in town are nowhere to be found. Roaches are city folks. Whew!



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