At long last–the visit from Desorrollo Urbano


Relaxing under the mesquite where we hold our community meetings in La Yacata

So we left off with Desorrollo Urbano (permit office) canceling on Friday, too late to cancel the radio announcements and after the flyers had been delivered. We had our junta (community meeting) anyway. We had representatives from about 100 lots, more or less. Super Prez explained that Desarollo Urbano had an “urgente” meeting and could not come to La Yacata this morning as planned but had offered to come at 1 pm in the afternoon. For everyone concerned that was an inconvenient, not to mention infernally hot hour, so with a vote, they decided that it would be ok to postpone it until the following Monday.

Meanwhile, one of the colonos (community members) pointed out that R, our secretary, was not present at the meeting yet again. So it was suggested that we replace him. I pointed out that we were also in need of a vocal (understudy) for the president and for the secretary. So we asked for volunteers. Don Cecilio said he would like to be involved however he was not up to the role of secretary as his reading and writing were poor at best. Don Cecilio has been a part of 2 other fraccionamientos (neighborhoods) with problems that have been resolved. His expertise would be extremely helpful, so we named him vocal (understudy) of the president.

Then M, a colono who lives in La Yacata said he would be interested in being the secretary. I immediately leaned over to Super Prez and said that we don’t want him. He fraudulently obtained a certificate for a lot that he did not own and when the actual owner showed up, did not return the certificate after repeated requests. So Super Prez asked for other volunteers. My husband nominated Angel, who is the brother of Socorro who did the novena for my mother-in-law, as secretary. So we named Angel as secretary and M as vocal (understudy) for the secretary. Then we adjourned to meet again on Monday.

Saturday, the perito neutral (surveyor) finally came out to La Yacata to do his thing. He looked things over and took some pictures and was there less than an hour. I thought he might actually take some measurements since the basis of our defense is that the hole that pretends to be a well is perforated OUTSIDE the area that has escritoras (deeded land), but he didn’t. So it is hoped that the judge will give us a verdict within 15 days and we can be done with the segunda demanda.

We have no money in La Yacata treasury at the moment, not even un peso para no se mete el diablo (one pesos so that the devil doesn’t get in–it’s a superstition here to not spend to the last pesos and leave at least one coin in your wallet) So when Desorrollo Urbano finally confirmed their attendance Friday afternoon, we couldn’t pay for any announcements on the radio or distribute flyers to remind everyone that could to come. R2, the bloodsucking lawyer, however, was itching to be paid. There was just of $4000 in the demanda (lawsuit) account. So on Saturday, he camped out at the front door waiting until I got home from work, to collect his money.

So we left things until Monday when the director of Desarollo Urbano and the director of Fraccionamientos (neighborhoods) arrived –an hour late. The director talked a good talk, but the information we received can be boiled down to the following: until we submit a plan that is approved for water and sewage, we will not receive the cambio de uso de suelo (change from rustic to habitation). The electricity seems not to be so trabajosa (difficult) but since it is dependent on our having water and sewer, we have to address those first. The director said that his office would support us, but that support really is minimal and in no way would be financial. Most everyone that was present was delighted that they came since in the 16 years that Chuchi was in charge, they had never appeared (of course that wouldn’t have suited Chuchi because they would have explained to us that he didn’t have permits for any of the proposed projects.) One colona (property owner) next to me said we ought to give them a round of applause, however, I pointed out that they hadn’t done anything for us yet, merely make promises.

So then the director talked about time. The time it would take to get a response from our petition (with the plans that Super Prez, an architect, will have to draw up) would be two months. But really what that means is the application would be reviewed in 2 months and if something was lacking would be placed at the bottom of the pile for a second review in 2 more months, taking as long as 6 months, which is the limit an application can be processed. After 6 months, if it is not approved, the application must be resubmitted.

The director also mentioned that as of January 1, there was some change in the ecological law that may impact us. I’m not sure how many others heard that statement as he quickly went on to other matters. What that means is that the area La Yacata encompasses may be in an area set aside as a protected area, although I’m not sure why since the surrounding areas are privately owned hectares (acres). Therefore, it is possible that Desorrollo Urbano will deny any proposed connection to the main lines on the basis of the area being ecological protected and not apt for habitation (never mind the people already living there).

The director also made the suggestion that if we do get permission to proceed with water and sewer projects, and not everyone in the community is willing to pay for their share, that we should move those who have not paid and create areas of paid up lots so that the projects can be completed in segments. Of course, the presidencia (town hall) would not be able to pay for any of those proposed projects and it would be up to us (the colonos) to foot the bill.

The director of Fraccionamientos didn’t say a word the entire time they were there.

In general, among ourselves and not in front of Desorrollo Urbano, we also made mention that we may have to look into alternative options for electrifying La Yacata and providing other services. As long as the presidencia allows us to purchase pipas (small tanker trucks) of water, at currently $400 pesos for 10,000 liters, those living in La Yacata could construct aljibes (dry wells) and be fine for water. For sewage, the gray waters can be reused in the garden and small individual fosos (septic tanks) could manage waste. And for the electricity, there are “green” alternatives such as a windmill or solar panels. The costs may be more than going the traditional route initially and it may implicate that we would never have individual deeds to our dwellings. But for now, we are going to proceed with the official application for the cambio de uso de suelo and see what happens. We should have a response in 6 months or so and then make some plans.




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