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A to Z Blogs About Mexico–Mexico Cassie

Cassie blogs her travels at Mexico Cassie.

mexico cassie

Ummmmm. I didn’t think long and hard about my blog name. I love it now though.

We are from the UK. My husband and I had long talked about moving overseas again. Once we had kids we decided that we’d try a six-month trip and see what happened. It took a while to find the right location but once I suggested Mexico, everything fell into place. We had had our honeymoon here and always said we’d go back.

We were sick and tired of always working and always being stressed. We didn’t like that we weren’t seeing enough of our kids, that I basically worked to pay nursery fees so I could work. It was a ridiculous and vicious cycle and we wanted out. We wanted to slow life down and see if we could live according to our values and passions in life.

Six months wasn’t enough. All it did was show us how much we didn’t want to go home. We did go home though. We went back, arranged our life and left for Mexico again.

We have no plans to leave. We’re not saying we’ll never go home, or somewhere else but right now the UK isn’t especially attractive to us. We love that our kids are growing up here. We will probably discuss our options as we approach educational milestones for the kids – high school and university.

I love living here, I feel so grateful and happy. I guess I loved the kindness we saw in Chihuahua City, a place everyone was scared of on our behalf. An uber driver canceled our fare when I took our son to the hospital in the middle of the night. He didn’t say anything, he just did it. Another guy gave me an icy water for free when I needed something to put on my daughter’s bumped head. And when we drove miles out to a water park that turned out to be shut for a private party, the owners let us in because they felt bad for us. We experienced nothing but kindness and welcomes in this city everyone warned us against visiting.

The worst experience we’ve had was when my husband had his bag stolen in CDMX. We were in El Globo so I guess we felt as if we were at home in Merida so we let our guards down. Luckily there wasn’t much in the bag but it was annoying. We learned that we were dumb to let our guard down in a not so lovely area of CDMX.

cassie pearse photo

I live in Yucatan so the bulk of my writing is about here but when we explore and travel I write too. I also have two guest series that I love. ‘Postcards from Mexico‘ where other bloggers send me a ‘postcard’ about somewhere that hasn’t been written about on my site. ‘Eating Around…Mexico‘ is a similar idea except you write and tell me about your ideal day’s eating in a specific location.

I also write about exploring with a family. We have small kids and we love exploring Mexico. I know some people are nervous about bringing their kids and venturing off resorts. I want to highlight the majesty of Mexico without being unrealistic about where things aren’t great.

I began by writing for me but I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I also write, edit and proofread for others but my blog is my true love. My tag line on my business cards is, ‘explore, write, empower’ and I stand by this. I want to explore first and foremost, write about what we do and how we do it and then empower others to do the same.

It upsets me how much people are fed misinformation about Mexico.

My favorite blog post…Oooh, tricky. There are a few I’m quite proud of. I love a few of the collaborations I’ve facilitated. Partly I love them because I craft them. I don’t just whack other people’s words and a few photos onto a page, I work really hard to make them come together. I love the piece I just wrote about Dia de Muertos, for example. I also love my Copper Canyon series because I loved exploring up there.

I am not sure I found anything particularly difficult to blog about. Some articles are hard to get into but I usually get there. I definitely need to go and edit some of the early ones now I know so much more about writing and blogging. If only I had time!

I want my blog to grow and grow and get better and better. I won’t sell out. I’d like to earn decent money from it.

If you are considering moving or traveling to Mexico–Do it! Read Mexico Cassie and then do it! Learn Spanish, don’t be afraid but do check in with locals to see where is sort of ‘off limits’ at the moment. Embrace Mexico and Mexico will embrace you. Be grateful you get to be here.

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A to Z Blogs About Mexico–My Life of Craft-N-Dab

My Life of Craft-N-Dab by Lynne has been evolving quite well over the best year! You are sure to enjoy the mix of craft projects and Baja travel posts she writes about!

craft1Coming to Mexico was a combination of voluntary exile and ready to enjoy life at a younger age.  I really don’t discuss voluntary exile much as many times people really don’t understand and I don’t like it to define us.

It took me some time to figure out my blog name as I was progressing with blogs from living in Mexico, the wine country here and my love of crafting and dabbling of many things.

My blog encompasses Baja California Peninsula with the main focus of Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe wine country.  I have blogged a little on buying and building in Mexico with the hope of expanding, living here in general, a series of Adventures of the Week and information on wine country.  My other area of focus is crafting and dabbling with these having included items for our home, ourselves or gifts.

I’m finding myself focusing more and more towards a photo blog with information tied to these images as I’ve always loved and still take pictures.  I do the blog for myself but also I hope to provide ideas, tips & tricks for crafts and other projects, share our experiences of living here plus information and mapping of Valle de Guadalupe wine country.

I would have to say that my favorite posts so far are in the series I have been blogging named Adventures of the Week because it takes me to places sometimes expected and others not.

My most difficult specific blog post would be on the Honduran caravan.  Living closer to the border the perception has been different and I felt very torn on what I was hearing/seeing on both sides (for and against plus the whys).


I love the beauty of the country, the people and culture.  I love how people always say good morning, day and evening whether they know you or not.  On the most part, people are so friendly, kind and helpful. Valle de Guadalupe reminds of our old home in Washington state and has been a big draw for us, so love the area. I plan on staying indefinitely in Mexico but still have ties to the US.

I think the bureaucratic red tape of Mexico at times can be from good to frustrating.  The being on time can be an issue also. Have learned to say if you are not here by a certain time we won’t be here and it helps.  Another thing we have found sometimes you almost have to be rude for someone to really listen to you which is so difficult to do at times, really not our style.

For those planning on traveling in Mexico, research, research, and research!  Even then, things will occur that you didn’t plan for.

I plan to continue expanding the crafting and dabbling portion of the blog as I also work on the wine country including the mapping aspect.  I know someone with a database of information on the wineries and are looking at a possible joint effort to tie this information to the mapping. I am also working on my first blogging challenge of 30 days of wine which will be an individual, not a group effort.

I can be found at:

My Life of Craft-N-Dab







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A to Z Blogs about Mexico — Jill’s Journeys


I’m pleased to reintroduce you to Jill, blogger at Saltillo Expats, Loving the Land of the Flour Tortilla (Meximamma) and Jill’s Journeys

Captura de pantalla (36)

I came 19 years ago for a study abroad semester.  Then I met my husband.  I came back 15 years ago to see if he was a keeper.  He was.  Finally, I came back for good 10 years ago after we got married.

Now I write at Jill’s Journeys (jillmichelledouglas.com) because that URL will never make me cringe. It was still my second choice name because Jill Douglas is apparently a famous rugby commentator in the UK.  My own name was already taken!

Refraining from disclosing too much personal information.  I’m an open book from the Midwest, where we trust most people.  My husband is from Mexico City, where they believe everyone is out to get them. (That’s only a slight exaggeration, for all those chilangos who are going to protest that description!)    He does not yet know that I have a blog named jillmichelledouglas.com, and it might just be better if he continues to be oblivious about that.  😉  After all, my whole name is out there (which is probably too much personal information).

jd1.pngI started writing about Mexico and my kids.  For the Mexico posts, I’d try to paint a picture about those elusive things that I find charming here, things that are different from the US.  And as a new mom, I had a lot of new-mom reflections that needed an outlet.

Now I don’t really notice those difference between the US and Mexico anymore.  At least I don’t notice them here because I’m so used to living here and the oddities I encounter here are normal now (so they’re not really oddities anymore).  That’s why on my new site, I have very little about Mexico at the moment.

At Jill’s Journey’s I focus more on parenting, exploring faith and Christian beliefs, and anything else I find helpful.  If I’ve learned something that turned out to be particularly helpful, I write it down and share it on my personal blog, so 1) I don’t forget what I learned and 2) just in case others would be interested in learning from those experiences (just as I enjoy other blogs that explore those topics).  I’m hoping that Mexico will flavor the site, but it’s no longer the central focus.

But we have traveled extensively, and I’m hoping to write about destinations in Mexico, share photos, and explore great places to go here.  Less sociology, more tour guide.


I can be found at:




Jill Michelle Douglas

Land of the Flour Tortilla

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