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Review of Move to Mexico Now Intro eCourse

More than 11 years ago, my husband and I decided that moving to Mexico was in our near future. We were living in Virginia at the time and I felt I should do some research on what our lives would be like once we moved. So I signed up for several Expat sites and a few Expat groups and tried to find answers to my questions by searching through those archives.

Well, I have to say that I was less than prepared to make a successful life transition to rural Mexico. I hadn’t taken into consideration that Expat experiences were quite a bit different from the sort of life I found myself living in Mexico. It was a difficult time. It took me several years to figure out that I could change my living conditions and more importantly, my attitude about the hardships. Since then, although there are times that still try the patience of a saint (which I’m not) I’ve made strides to creating a life that I love.

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This is the reason I was so excited to take Jennifer Robin Lee’s ecourse Move to Mexico Now Intro and share with readers who have yet to make the move to Mexico. Aside from immigration questions (which will be answered in an upcoming course) I had questions on how to actually get my family organized to make the move, what things I should/shouldn’t bring, what sort of life I would have once we arrived, and how we would earn money to maintain our new life.

Now the course doesn’t give you a set of answers to these questions. After all, what one person needs to create a satisfying life is naturally not the same as another. Instead, the activities are designed for you to examine your own unique situation using tools such as the SWOT questionnaire, visualization boards, goal classifications and a good ol’ fashioned pen and paper. Knowing what you have going into the move will help you move forward towards reaching that ultimate goal of living your best life in Mexico.

So if you are even just considering making the move to Mexico, I encourage you to check out the Move to Mexico Now Intro course while it is still at its introductory price of $29.




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Book Review–How to Not Run Away to Mexico by Jennifer Robin Lee

If you haven’t guessed from the title, this book is chocked full of things that you SHOULDN’T do when you move to Mexico, as experienced by Jennifer who didn’t just move to Mexico once, but multiple times and with varying levels of success.not move to mexico

Her international adventures begin in 1994 when she moved from Canada to Monterrey to join the Mexican National Circus in Saltillo. Go ahead, roll your eyes, but we’ve all been young and foolish at least once in our lives. See, her cousin was dating a clown and well, it goes downhill from there.

On her second move to Mexico, she had a face-to-face encounter with the police in Guanajuato. In Spanglish negotiated her way out of a ticket with “No vas rapido. Yo tengo una plata. You tengo mi papeles. No problemo. Gracias. Adios Senor” and jumping back in her car leaving a perplexed representative of the law in the dust.

In some sort of karmic retribution, Jennifer’s Audi broke down outside of Leon and it took thousands of dollars and YEARS to get the vehicle fixed and returned to Canada.

On another occasion, Jennifer was saved by Jesus himself (well, his representative on earth Jesús anyway) from being hauled away to the slammer after a fender bender. In Cozumel, she met a hunky scuba diving instructor Raul which resulted in love and a near-drowning incident.

A Canadian custody issue meant she was detained at the U.S. border. Then years of legal travail in Canada ensued before she could return to Mexico, this time with a man from the Dominican Republic that she had met in Canada and their two toddlers. Of course, Interpol still had her name on the list and that caused some issues entering Mexico to retrieve her Audi.

When she tried to leave, well, there was a shake-down at the Mexican border and unnecessary delays at the Canadian border causing her to declare that it was the Worst. Road trip. Ever.

Then she moved to Mexico AGAIN! This time she was more prepared and the transition, while not exactly smooth, was successful.

I can honestly say that I am so glad to have not experienced even a quarter of the disasters that Jennifer experienced. But as they say, there’s a silver lining in every cloud.

MTMN Intro Course square

Jennifer has gone to develop a Move to Mexico eCourse to help the unwary, ignorant or just plain clueless make a better transition to life in Mexico. She’s made it her mission in life to provide up-to-date, step-by-step guidance so that no one ever need repeat her mistakes.

Right now, the introductory course Move to Mexico Now is on sale, so be sure to check it out! Not only do I recommend Jennifer’s hysterical book, How to Not Run Away to Mexico, but I strongly encourage you to enroll in the eCourse if you are even thinking about moving to Mexico. You won’t regret it!



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Move to Mexico Now eCourse

While I know many of you already are living full, rich and diverse lives here in Mexico, I suspect that there are a number of you who read my blog in order to learn about life in Mexico before you make the move. I appreciate comments and questions from both groups (and my mom) and of course, wouldn’t find blogging half as interesting without readers.

Today, however, I’d like to highlight something that would be especially helpful to those of you who have yet to follow your bliss to Mexico. The Move to Mexico Now eCourse. Because who doesn’t want to live in Mexico?

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There are things you should do before moving, like opening an online bank account, divesting yourself of most of the crap you’ve been hoarding and getting your pets ready for travel. But even before you tackle all those, you should create a life plan. I know, sometimes life has a different plan and doesn’t give you enough time to figure it all out, but having a detailed life plan BEFORE you make the move to Mexico will go a long way to ensure that all your needs are met, reduce the angst of cultural shock, and help you create a life you love.

I’ve been fortunate enough be allowed to preview this introductory course which opens on August 27 and what I’ve seen makes me rub my hands together in glee. THIS is what I needed when we were packing our bags to come to Mexico. THIS is what I need now to work on those little aspects of my life in Mexico that aren’t living up to my expectations just yet.

I invite you to check out the Move to Mexico eCourse and if it is something you think you’ll benefit from, enroll in the Intro course at the special rate of $29. This rate is only good for a limited time, so don’t wait! The course is self-paced, so you don’t need to worry about getting it finished in a day, but the price is set to increase in September.



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