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Modern Day Marias–Cali, the nomad

In Bethlehem, and later in Egypt, how did Maria manage household affairs?  Did the merchants take advantage of her youth, her inexperience, her foreignness?  Did she long for family?  We know that after the threat King Herod presented ended with … Continue reading

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Modern Day Marias–Nicole the liberator

There is so much about Maria that we will never know. The snippets that were recorded leave out nearly everything important. However, we know something about her from how her children turned out. After all, a mother is a child’s … Continue reading


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Modern Day Marias–Maggie the provider

Were there days that Maria regretted her decision to go with Jose, first to Bethlehem and then later to Egypt? Were there times when she felt like she just couldn’t even get out of bed to face the day? Did … Continue reading


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