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I’m pleased to reintroduce you to Jill, blogger at Saltillo Expats, Loving the Land of the Flour Tortilla (Meximamma) and Jill’s Journeys

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I came 19 years ago for a study abroad semester.  Then I met my husband.  I came back 15 years ago to see if he was a keeper.  He was.  Finally, I came back for good 10 years ago after we got married.

Now I write at Jill’s Journeys (jillmichelledouglas.com) because that URL will never make me cringe. It was still my second choice name because Jill Douglas is apparently a famous rugby commentator in the UK.  My own name was already taken!

Refraining from disclosing too much personal information.  I’m an open book from the Midwest, where we trust most people.  My husband is from Mexico City, where they believe everyone is out to get them. (That’s only a slight exaggeration, for all those chilangos who are going to protest that description!)    He does not yet know that I have a blog named jillmichelledouglas.com, and it might just be better if he continues to be oblivious about that.  😉  After all, my whole name is out there (which is probably too much personal information).

jd1.pngI started writing about Mexico and my kids.  For the Mexico posts, I’d try to paint a picture about those elusive things that I find charming here, things that are different from the US.  And as a new mom, I had a lot of new-mom reflections that needed an outlet.

Now I don’t really notice those difference between the US and Mexico anymore.  At least I don’t notice them here because I’m so used to living here and the oddities I encounter here are normal now (so they’re not really oddities anymore).  That’s why on my new site, I have very little about Mexico at the moment.

At Jill’s Journey’s I focus more on parenting, exploring faith and Christian beliefs, and anything else I find helpful.  If I’ve learned something that turned out to be particularly helpful, I write it down and share it on my personal blog, so 1) I don’t forget what I learned and 2) just in case others would be interested in learning from those experiences (just as I enjoy other blogs that explore those topics).  I’m hoping that Mexico will flavor the site, but it’s no longer the central focus.

But we have traveled extensively, and I’m hoping to write about destinations in Mexico, share photos, and explore great places to go here.  Less sociology, more tour guide.


I can be found at:




Jill Michelle Douglas

Land of the Flour Tortilla


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Bye Bye Boys

Apparently, the birth of the last pregnant ewe on our compound was the catalyst to sell, sell them all, for my husband. Of course, the outstanding debt on Cookie, the pregnant mare, was another incentive. Anyway, Preggers had two cute little lambs, a boy and a girl, but my husband wasn’t happy. They seemed to be more Pelehuey rather than Charol, meaning they didn’t have the fluffy fur of the mama and must have taken after the dad. Not like my husband has ever sheared the sheep we’ve had now for a year, so what difference does it make if they had fuzzy wool or not?

Anyway, mama and babies went to live with the neighbor down the road. They seem happy enough when I see them occasionally romping through the underbrush in La Yacat.

So then ALL the spare machos had to go. That meant the Borrego Boys, the Chivo boys, Salt and Pepper, and Payaso the one singleton in this bumper crop of twins, were loaded up in the back of the truck and headed to Puruandiro. Although it took all day, everyone was sold, most to become the head mucky muck of their own herds, since the macho needs a’changing every few years to minimize inbreeding. Some women I know subscribe to this philosophy as well, but that’s another story.

So that left Zombeta all alone in the back corral. I convinced my husband to move her to the front area so she wouldn’t die of loneliness. Her pitiable bleats were hard on my heart. He did, onto our “patio” that is Cookie’s corral as well. Zombeta was happy.

A few days later, he found a buyer for Zombeta and we are now sheep-free. She lives now at another neighbor’s who has sheep and seems well enough. 

Then disaster struck. The mama of the triplets took sick. The whole side of her face swelled up. We went to the animal clinic who said it might be a tumor. Since it happened overnight, we thought it was more likely a bite from something. They gave us some pain medication and sent us on our way.

I suggested that it might be something the rats dragged in because boy do we have rats this year. They have even managed to find a way inside the house. No rat trap has been able to capture a single one. During the week mama goat was sick, my husband managed to kill 15 small mice, although some committed suicide in the water trough, and one HUMUNGOUS ROUS (rat of unusual size) outside, but, you know, there’s always more.

Mama goat died. We had quarantined her and the triplets to the back corral. We moved the orphans back to the main goat coral and bought some milk. Unfortunately, two days later, Spot died too.

Now we thought it might be ticks. When my husband checked animal ears, sure enough, monstrous ticks. He spent the afternoon plucking them out of the ears of goats, dogs, and horses. Then everyone got some powder in the ear and bath. That seems to have done the trick. No one else has died although this morning, it seems like Bunny, one of the triplets doesn’t want to eat. That doesn’t bode well. 

We are trying to stay on top of these mouse and tick infestations and so far are ahead of the game. Now, we are just waiting for Cookie to have her baby, it ought to be any day now.


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A Woman’s Survival Guide to Mexican Healthcare

April is a time of awakening in many parts of the world. Spring has arrived, flowers are beginning their festive fashion show, the sun is shining. What a perfect month for healing!

To that end, there are several noteworthy organizations working tirelessly to help others heal that have chosen April as the month to bloom and grow awareness.  

i ask


April is National Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month. The idea is to raise public consciousness about sexual violence and how communities can prevent it. This year, the campaign theme is I ASK with the focus on consent in everyday interactions.


The first Tuesday of April, this year on April 2, is National Sexual Assault Awareness Day of Action. The awareness color is teal. The outreach events scheduled for this day are designed to teach us that sexual assault is not just a women’s issue, it’s everyone’s issue.


It breaks my heart that there even needs to be a day to raise awareness about the sexual abuse of children. The Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse is the second Sunday in April, and this year is observed on April 14. The Innocence Revolution sponsors it and it was created to launch a global crusade to protect the world’s children.


April 4 is RAINN Day (Rape Abuse Incest National Network). According to information gathered by the organization, every 92 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted and every 9 minutes, that victim is a child. RAINN focuses on changing public policy, national education and support services for survivors. (See Rape Culture)


April is also Genocide and Human Rights Awareness Month. In case you believe that this is something that doesn’t pertain to you, here’s a list of the Eight Stages of Genocide.

While genocide encompasses men, women, and children equally, femicide is the systematic elimination of a group of people based solely on their gender and is a real issue in many countries today.  (See also Ni Una Mas and Surviving Kakistocracy)


The families of victims of femicide often never receive justice. National Crime Victims Rights Week is April 7-13. The theme Honoring Our Past, Creating Hope for the Future and focuses on a future of crime victim services that is better than what has gone before.

Now that you are aware of these pressing issues, here are some events aimed at healing.

world healing.jpg

The last Saturday of April is World Healing Day. Their mission is to encourage yoga, meditation, Reiki, art healing, music healing and healing prayer occasions. Check out their site for local events. (See also Alternative Medical Practitioners in Mexico)

me too.jpg

April 7 is National Girl Me Too Day. This organization was established to promote relationship stability among women and encourage healing, empowerment, and education of women of all ages.

world health day.jpg

April 7 is also World Health Day sponsored by WHO. Many countries, including the United States, do not have universal health coverage, this year’s focus. It is the World Health Organization’s goal to increase the accessibility of health care services globally. (See also A Little About Healthcare in Mexico)


National Healthcare Decisions Day is April 16. Preparing for a health emergency is no easy task and NHDD is committed to educating the public and health care providers about this issue. (See also Overview of Travel MedEvac Insurance)

There are many miracles in the world to be celebrated, and for me, garlic is the most deserving..jpg

Lest we overlook simple healing methods, April 19 is National Garlic Day. Garlic really is a super healthy vegetable (or herb) and a key factor in the treatment and prevention of a variety of diseases. (See Garlic Tea)

healthcare cover

My contribution to April’s healing is small in comparison. A Woman’s Survival Guide to Mexican Healthcare is finally ready for release. The book covers the basics of the Mexican national healthcare system as it stands now, the reality of sexual assault, femicide, and abuse in Mexico, the role of the traditional curandera, and herbal remedies as alternative healing practices. Women living in all parts of Mexico (and Guatemala) candidly shared their health and wellness experiences so that other women will be better informed.

It is my hope that this book in some way empowers women who have moved to Mexico to have some measure control of their own healing. To that end, you can get it FREE on Amazon for the next few days.

Que est(Be well).jpg


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Playing Tourist — An SOTB Bloggers Compilation

Do I have a treat for you! Last year, the ladies in the SOTB Bloggers group worked together to complete the A to Z Blogging Challenge. We picked the topic of traveling in Mexico.  We gathered our travel posts together and are proud to present Playing Tourist for your reading pleasure.

You’ll be able to enjoy our travel adventures in 45 places across Mexico, including everywhere from the most obscure little towns to the bustling metropolis of Mexico City.

The best part is that you can download Playing Tourist FREE in honor of Virtual Vacation Day! You did know that March 30 was Virtual Vacation Day right? Well, if you haven’t planned ahead, consider this little book your passport to your Virtual Vacation in Mexico.

An original compilation from SOTBBloggers



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