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My husband, son, and I left behind the “American Dream” and opted to try and make a life in Central México in 2007. We have had our share of joy and misfortune in our efforts to make this life a reality, but we always try to remember that it’s the journey, not the destination, that is life.  Within this blog, you can find some of the highlights ( and lowlights) of our journey.

One of our goals is to become self-reliant and reduce our eco-footprint in our world.  Recently our efforts were recognized when we were chosen as one of the Star 2014 Modern Homesteaders sponsored by Mother Earth News.  We also consider ourselves stewards rather than owners and to that end, have had many lovely relationships with dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep, ducks, turkeys, chickens, donkeys, and rabbits. Our animal adventures abound in Wascally Wabbits and Zombie Babies.

We live in a sparsely inhabited area on the fringe of el cerro (no man’s land) in La Yacata outside of Moroleon, Guanajuato. Human greed and politics have allowed our community to be defrauded and left without running water, electricity, and sewer.  To that end, became active socios (members) of our community association with the main purpose of improving the quality of life for residents of La Yacata, although we have been unsuccessful in our community improvement efforts thus far. You can read the whole story in La Yacata Revolution.

Listen to my interview about our lives with Expat Mama.

You can also find information on negotiating the legality of living and working in Mexico, parenting challenges, cultural stories, language and communication idiosyncrasies, and a host of other adventures and disasters.  Please feel free to ask anything, make a comment, or share your story with us. You can find our privacy policy concerning your comments and interactions on this site here.

The Flores Family

Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere,and sometimes,




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36 responses to “About us

  1. Jamie

    My family and i are thinking of doing this very same thing! Hopefully we’ll be moving from Tennessee to Guanajuato in a couple years with our 3 children. I just stumbled upon your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m especially interested in your homeschooling of your son. 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your comment. It has been a roller-coaster ride and we aren’t even close to being finished. If you do decide to move to Mexico lindo, I don’t believe you will regret it for a moment, even when times are tough.


  2. Jesus

    I have read the Getting Legal–Working Papers: The Paper Chase
    You see I was born in Mexico but i move to the U.S when i was little and well completed my elemenatry to high education, I also studied 2 years of Business Administration in college. SInce i was moving back to Mexico i wanted to continue my college education, i called a few schools and they told me that it was no problem entering their school i just needed my transcripts thats all, but they never told me about the process of notarized, apostille and translating. So like you i had many set backs, many times i was told that i couldnt do it, that i needed other documents but it was a lie they just wanted money, the person who attended me was the secretary, when i wanted to talk directly with the boss he kept saying hes not here. Thanks to a friend who knew the person in charge we were able to set up a meeting and he was really nice and he asked the secretary that why was he taking so long so he order him to do it and it wasnt a big deal all i needed was to legalized my High School Diploma and that was all. Because of that issue i missed a year of school and since i couldnt legalize my two years of college i had to start from scratch again. It was no problem im doing well right now, but what i find is that you are never told about the process. Well it doesnt matter now im happy but i do warm some friends who have family over in the U.S about the process so they can be ready. I know you suffer even more than i did but i was happy to find this blog about surviving in Mexico. This is really helpful blog for those who wanted to come and live here so they can at least know what to expect. Seriously there are many people who dont know this and people should be told. So they dont have to face the same problems 😀


    • It is quite a process if you aren’t told at the onset what paperwork you need. I hope that my experiences will make it easier for others. Thanks for sharing your story.


  3. Wow; reading your comments and emphathizing with your journey and fight; the good fight…


  4. Hello! Thank you for the feedback on my blog, and am so happy to have discovered yours as well. Sounds like, just based on my reading of this About Page, that we have many similarities in our paths and common goals/interests. Look forward to reading more.
    Katie O’Grady
    Los O’Gradys in Mexico


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  6. starling

    Hello Flores Family,
    I’m an Australian looking to purchase seeds or other material of Mexican Pitaya species–the varieties in your post look incredible, I would love to have them. I trade a lot internationally, and can trade seeds of Australian fruits (such as fingerlimes) or can buy the seeds if you prefer. If you can, please email me at noevilstar@hushmail.me



    • Hello. Thank you for your comment. I’m not sure that I would be able to obtain viable Pitaya seeds–most cactus grow from fallen pencas (leaves) rather than seeds. Pitayas are only found on very, very old cactus and not every year. This year promises to be a good year for tunas (another form of prickly pear) but I haven’t seen much in the way of pitaya blossoms so far. If that changes, I will be sure to contact you. Have a pleasant day!


  7. Thank you for following me. I spent some time on your blog and look forward to doing more reading as you explore life in Mexico. We are always thinking about where we ultimately would like to put down roots in the future, and Mexico is one place we consider. In the meantime, my husband and I will be separated as he works in Canada and I will be moving to Egypt to teach. Have a great Monday, Cheryl


  8. Amigail

    I am the Blog Manager of myinternationaladventure.com. Out of many expat blogs, yours was the most exceptional. Thank you for your amazing incite and knowledge. Your posts entice your readers (including me) to travel and see the world.

    I wanted to reach out to you to tell you about a new book called, “Adventurers Abroad: The New American Expat Generation.” The book tells stories from around the world and explains why more Americans are moving abroad than ever before. I thought that this might be a good read for you, being an expat yourself. If this does interest you, it would be wonderful if you can mention the book in one of your posts!

    The author is Robert Nelson, the cofounder of myinternationaladventure.com. If you would like specific quotes or an interview with Robert, feel free to e-mail me!

    The book is available on amazon.com and amazon.com UK and Europe in both paperback and Kindle versions.

    Looking forward to your next posts!

    Take care,

    Amigail I. Vallarta
    Blog Manager
    MyInternationalAdventure LLC


  9. Natalie

    Dear Writer
    My name is Natalie Sullivan and I’m casting an international travel show about expats moving abroad. We’d love to film in Mexico and wanted to know if you could help us find expats who have moved there within the last 15 months or have been there for 3-4 years, but recently moved into a new home. The show documents their move to a new country and will place the country in fabulous light. The expats on the show would also receive monetary compensation if they are filmed. They must also speak English fluently and can be buyers or renters for their homes. If you’d like more information, please give me a call at 212-231-7717 or skype me at natalieesullivan. You can also email me at nataliesullivan@leopardusa.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  10. Alejandra

    I find your posts very interesting. I discovered your blog by accident a couple of months ago but I am so glad I did. I’m actually from un rancho not too far from La Yacata. It’s just before getting to Cerano, it’s called La Calera. I go there every summer and this year I was so curious to go to La Yacata but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time. My family moved to the U.S. when I was 6 and we have lived in Tennessee for 12 years now. I always dream of moving back to La Calera and reading your blog encourages me to do it one day. Wish you and your family the best!

    Liked by 1 person

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  12. I visited here from the Facebook Expats Living in Mexico link. I like your website and videos! Moroleon is beautiful at night. During one of our first long driving trips from Chicago to Morelia, my husband and I were so excited to reach Moroleon believing it to be Morelia. We were so exhausted by then, lol. Then, we realized we had a few more hours to go…

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Thanks for subscribing to my blog! I have been enjoying your well-written articles, especially on food. If you do any posts on crafts in your neck of the woods, please consider letting me reblog.


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  17. Al y

    Were you or your husband originally from Mexico? My husband is and i would love to move to his native puebla. Are you fluent in spanish?

    Liked by 1 person

    • My husband is Mexican. I have greatly improved my Spanish since moving here. I knew some before we arrived but there’s nothing like getting thrown into the ring to force you to improve! I hear great things about Puebla.


  18. Maria Martinez

    Our 4 year temp res visas expire at the end of November and we want to apply for perm residency and have a couple of questions. Do we need to start the process at the Mexican consulate in the US or at immigration in Playa? Do we need to provide financials again? What other documentation is required? Thank you!


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