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The Mushroom Course by Herbal Academy

Hopefully, in the days to come, the world will be less interested in hoarding toilet paper and more focused on creating a healthier lifestyle that can withstand the viruses that plague us. One often overlooked source of important vitamins and … Continue reading

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On Being an Herbal Academy Affiliate

I’ve tried several affiliate programs and most have not been worth the effort. However, the Herbal Academy Affiliate program has been one that I would recommend if your niche contains herb lovers, homesteaders or tree huggers. Commission payments are sent … Continue reading

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Becoming an Herbalist Free Course

Herbal Academy has done it again! Another incredible course and an incredible price (honestly, you can’t get a better price than free) focusing on the question “What does an herbalist DO? “ Lesson 1 looks closely at certification and regulation … Continue reading

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