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All Around the Health Care Bush–the weasel chased the monkey

Monday found me up at the crack of dawn to make the 30-minute commute to the Regional. I arrived just after 6 am again and the waiting room was full–again. I asked the place check question and took my seat. … Continue reading


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All Around the Health Care Bush–the monkey chased the weasel

I’m the monkey that’s doing the chasing of course. If you don’t remember, I have hypothyroidism which requires a blood test and doctor appointment every 6 months. Sounds relatively simple, but there’s a catch. We have Seguro Popular, (Mexican Health … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Living in Poverty in Mexico

After my Herbal Material Medica and Permacultural courses were finished, I signed up to audit the MIT sponsored online course entitled The Challenges of Global Poverty. ┬áThe text for the course was entitled Poor Economics by Abhijit V. Banerjee and … Continue reading

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I can see!–Getting prescription glasses in Mexico

A few weeks ago I realized I couldn’t see a thing. My transition lens had snapped, crackled and well, not quite popped, but you get the picture. They were more than 6 years old and I use them every day, … Continue reading


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