A Kitten in the Time of Quarantine

As I mentioned previously, Kitty has been gone for nearly a month now. I don’t know whether she ran away from home or died, but seeing how lazy she was, running away just seems like too much effort on her part, so RIP Kitty. I must have been moping around a bit because one day last week my husband surprised me with a kitten. 

The Borega guy, one of our neighbors, had a cat who had kittens. My husband picked the fuzzy grey boy kitten. Initially, I wasn’t so pleased with the fact that yet another macho has come to live with us. I mean, we’ve got about all the testosterone as I can take. There’s Red the horse, Stinky Chivo, the macho goat, Chivito, the little macho goat, a rooster, three male dogs, plus my husband and son. Add some social distancing on top of that, and I’m not sure what to do with myself. But the little guy has a winning personality, so I guess it will be alright. 

I suggested we name him COVID in honor of the current crisis, but my son vetoed that. Instead, Fuzz Lightyear was so christened. 

My husband, who up until now has expressed disdain for any and all cats we’ve ever had, has become Fuzz’s personal slave. He not only allows Fuzz INTO the house but ON the bed. They nap together as you can see from this picture. 

IMG_20200426_150959 (3)

Fuzz has quickly become a little tyrant. He knows exactly what he wants and meows furiously until his demands are met. Sometimes that’s more milk. Sometimes that’s more chin rubs. Sometimes that is a warm and cozy spot to sleep. He has his own setup on the back porch, two different sized shoeboxes for sleeping, a garrafon top for food, another for milk, and a litter box. While he’s ok out there for short stretches, he prefers to be inside. I expect my husband will have a cat door made before too long. 

IMG_20200430_093222 (2)

Demanding to be let in!

Fuzz is happy to play with balled up bits of paper, hit the tassel I’ve tied to my desk, or watch me finish that 1500 piece puzzle I’ve been working on since January. He enjoys snoozing on my lap while I write articles and chasing fingers for a morning game of pounce. He likes to head to the garden when I water the plants and bite my toes when I do Tai Chi. It’s nice to have a baby in the house again.




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4 responses to “A Kitten in the Time of Quarantine

  1. We are both laughing 😂 😂. The honeymoon is over w Stela our blind pug. She no longer will go on walks or should I say ‘drags’. She has made peace w my MILs cat and tries to follow him around. The cat stays out of reach and I swear laughs at this stupid dog who walks around bumping into things trying to find him. You can see the puzzled look on gato’s face. It’s hilarious.

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