EXPAT 911- Emergency APP
If you read my blog at my site rather than via email updates, then I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have a sidebar full of products, services, and books that I think you might find useful. Today I’d like to talk a little about one of those featured boxes, Expat911.

Expat911 is a smartphone app that works on Android and iPhone devices. It utilizes GPS location services to allow operators to target your exact location. Your personalized profile lists your blood type, allergies and any health conditions you might have which will help medical personnel treat your medical emergency better. There is also a contact area where users can add 1 US/Canada contact and 2 Mexico contacts. Expat911 will notify these contacts after your emergency has been reported to Mexico’s 911.

To use the service, you just click one of the 3 emergency buttons on the app: Police, Ambulance or Fire. Within seconds an English speaking operator will call your phone and verify the emergency and then call Mexico’s 911 to report the emergency. If you do not pick up, then they will assume that this is a serious emergency and call Mexico’s 911 on your behalf.

This service has a cost of $ 99.00 USD per year and can be used anywhere in Mexico. With the purchase of one Expat911 plan, a second plan can be bought for spouses or family members at a 50% discount.

Currently, Expat911 serves a large number of expats in Mexico with active users in 11 states. If you are an Expat whose command of Mexican Spanish is still not up to par or you are just traveling in Mexico and aren’t fluent yet, this app would be an excellent addition to your travel or health insurance plan.

You can visit Expat911 here or email the company directly at info@expat911.mx.

So now you know that’s what that little button on the right is all about!





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2 responses to “Expat911

  1. Wow very cool now if you could only get ambulances to service Bacalar!

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