Online Banking Woes

I’ve been using Capital One 360 for over a year now and have had little complaint. Then it all sort of snowballed and it took me way too much time to get everything back on track. All’s well that ends well, I suppose.


First, I foolishly tried to log on to check my balance using the satellite internet rather than the one I had previously used. The site said that something was “different” about this log-in and I would need to get a code sent to my phone number to log in.

Well, the phone number I set up the online banking account with was no longer in service. My phone had given up the ghost a few months before and I had purchased a new phone. So I tried to update that information only to be informed that there was something wrong with the information and that I should call Capital One.

So I did. I explained my situation. Customer service was very understanding however they needed to verify that I was me. Could I please send them a picture of some official identification? A passport would do. Well, I had to search out my passport and that took some time. Then I followed the instructions and took a picture and uploaded it to the site. It was rejected. I did it again. Another rejection. A third time locked me out of the system and I had to call Capital One again.

This time the customer service representative could see my photos as I uploaded them. The system rejected them again. I think what the system wanted was a scanned version rather than a photo of my passport. Only I didn’t have a scanner on hand.

Anyway, I got transferred around to supervisor then manager then whoever was over them. Finally, this person opted to verify my identity by having me input my PIN number. So now, they could confirm that I was me.  

I wanted to change my phone number to my new cell phone number in order to receive the text messages and codes and whatnot. However, the company did not allow phones that were registered outside of the US. How long would it take me to get a phone registered in the US? I told them I would call back.

I then set about looking at options. I finally decided on Skype online phone number setup which rents me a phone number registered to any place in the US for $6.50 USD per month. I choose Tennessee. I paid the first month, got my new number, and called Capital One again.

After being verified as me, I was able to update the phone number contact information. Whew! So I signed on to my account online again. When I received the prompt for the secret, secret code to be entered, I choose the option to have the automated system call the number rather than sending a text. The call rang through via Skype on my computer and I got the code.

I thought I was in the clear until I went to HBSC to withdraw my pay from their ATM machine. Unaccountably, the machine didn’t give me any money but deducted it from my account. I totally freaked out! I marched my fanny into the bank and stood in line to see a teller who told me to see someone there in the desk section. So I waited there. The internet was down, which is probably what caused the glitch at the ATM machine, so I waited again.

Finally, the clerk asked for my identification which she entered into the computer. Of course, I’m not an HBSC client, I was just using the ATM machine, so she said she could do nothing for me. What!!!! She implied I had a hold on my account which is why the money wasn’t dispersed because of course, the ATM machine was just fine.

I came back home and called Capital One again to ask about this “hold” on my account. I explained that I had attempted to withdraw money but hadn’t received it. Again, customer service was very helpful. There was no hold on my account. The system showed the ATM transaction. I would be credited these funds temporarily while they investigated the matter. I should have access to these funds in 24 hours.

I did. I went to Santander to withdraw the funds, vowing never to return to HBSC. About 6 weeks later, I received a notification that the temporarily deposited funds were now released permanently since the investigation had been concluded satisfactorily. Thank goodness!

So despite the hassle of the US phone number requirement that I had to creatively work around, I still am pleased with my Capital One 360 account.


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10 responses to “Online Banking Woes

  1. I had a similar situation w Capital One 360. I couldn’t get their code and couldn’t call bc my Telcel phone can’t call an 800 number. How did you get around that?

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    • It took several efforts but here’s what I did:
      1–I set up a Skype phone number based in the US. 2–I called Capital One using Skype. 3–I verified who I was (that was the tricky part). Have a scanned copy of your passport/US id ready. They will give you the link to upload the picture. 4–I requested they change my home phone number to my new Skype number. 5–After I received confirmation that the number had been changed, when I coudln’t log in, I chose the option for the automated system to CALL me not send a message. 6–The call goes through Skype, which I can answer on my computer. I answered and got the code to log in. Complicated, I know. But it worked!


  2. Deborah S.

    Ah, security measures! I never clear my cache or cookies, because the Charles Schwab site freaks out and makes me call for “clearance.”
    We have been waiting since NOVEMBER for our Canadian online bank (Tangerine) to credit our account for money that Bancomer claims was withdrawn but we didn’t receive.
    Proving once again that if it’s not one thing it’s another!

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  3. rob.rodriguez

    Phew… what a hassle. Props for figuring it all out👍

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  4. theburningheart

    I got to be honest with you, I avoid doing any change into my account in fear something similar may happen!

    I got the problem of not being able to check my account for movements until recieving the once a month statement, unfortunately it misses by five days the date they deposit my funds, so I got to wait twenty five days to see what went on, I require to withdraw money to get a balance and paid the high fee both banks charge.

    Not too happy with that.

    Everybody tells me to get a Mexican bank accountt. but do not like to get all my money in pesos, I require dollars in the USA as well.

    Keeping both accts. it’s not a solution I like, since I only get one paycheck, having a bank acct. in dollars in Mexico you always run the risk they may close those accts. And give you back devaluated pesos, that happen to me in 1984.

    Any ideas?

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    • All these “security” measures to prevent hackers from getting your account information have really made online banking more complicated! I had a Guardaditos Banco Azteca bank account for a while to use when I needed to withdraw money from Paypal before my Capital One 360 account. It had a minimum $50 peso balance so when my husband’s card got cloned, I didn’t lose out too much. I would always withdraw my money as soon as the deposit cleared because I too am concerned about the stability of Mexican banks. Besides this “you must have a US phone number” issue with Capital One, I’ve been satisfied with that. But still, I don’t leave my money sitting in the bank. Who knows what might happen! When we has the gas crisis here in Guanajuato last month, the money trucks couldn’t (or didn’t) make their normal money drop offs and guess what? The ATM machines ran out of money at some banks! Viva Mexico!

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  5. theburningheart

    Yes, I am happy here in Mexico, but for the bank’s issues. 😦

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