Inspirational Writer in Mexico–Don Karp


the bumpy road

Don Karp has written The Bumpy Road, A Memoir of Culture Clash Including Woodstock, Mental Hospitals, and Living in Mexico.

Where are you from? 

Hometown is Syracuse, NY. I spent 12 years living in W. Mass before moving to Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. It’s in the central volcanic region, an hour south of Mexico City.

What brought you to Mexico?

The culture—fiestas, food, music, celebrations. And the temperate climate.

How has your life changed?

I live more cheaply and made some sacrifices. My life is enriched with more vital food, beautiful nature, and people more open and accepting.

How has your belief system changed?

I’ve become less judgmental and more open. Because of this, I have had a greater number of opportunities unfold.

How have you changed?

I am more solitary and happy with that. I am healthier and happier.

What challenges have you overcome?

The first ones involved getting it together to move here. I’ve learned to speak Spanish, and survive on a very low retirement income.

What challenges are you still facing?

Building an email audience for my publications.

What keeps you going?

My motivation comes from a desire for leaving a legacy—a body of published work that helps many people, based on a varied life experience. Perseverance is a part of my nature.

What accomplishment makes you the proudest?

Self-publishing my memoir.

What things do you miss about your life before?

Mostly I miss the ability to organize projects with people. In Mexico, the culture is largely not accountable enough to do this. I find that working on projects is how I develop intimacy with people.

What have you found is no longer important to you?

Hot showers.

What do you consider the defining moment in your life in Mexico?

Self-publishing my memoir.

How do you spend your free time?

Mostly hiking the wonderful mountain trails,

Do you have a business or offer a service?  

My site lists the memoir, contains my blog, information about workshops and speaking engagements. The memoir is available from Amazon; the blog, Letters from Mexico is here,  If you are interested in personal coaching, here is my US phone number: (413)366-1023. You can email me here.

How has Mexico been an inspiration to you?

In many ways. The friendliness of the people with their emphasis on community and family has made me feel more at home. The extreme suffering economically and politically, but yet retaining a general joyful attitude about life is very inspirational to me.

What is your current writing goal?  

I am revising and updating my memoir, and have three more memoirs planned, each for a different audience with a different theme. My blog, Letters From Mexico, is to become one of the books. My hope is to build an audience to fund professional preparation and to help with the title, cover art, and editing.


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